Breakfast Links, Cajun Hot Smoked Sausage, Andouille & (wait for it), (wait for it) BOUDIN !!! ~ Foamheart

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There is too much here so its gotta be short and sweet.......... I know who'd ever thought that of me>

Breakfast links (Using POP Fassett's with just bit of added red pepper flake) Just enmough so somewhere along the line while eating you get a little surprize you were not expecting.



Thats a dozen cryopac'd pkgs. in the freezer.

The Cajun Hot Smoked




Both sat in the reefer two days to give the cure a chance to bloom, its really important with the andouille.

IMG_0878 (1).JPG

Both in the smoker, Pecan, apple & corn cob, vents open, door on latch, maintaining 100 to 120 for 6 hours/

While in the smoker made a stuffed boudin




Taking the cajun and the andouille off the smoker.


Love that color !! BTW they never exceeded 117 degrees.

Next is time to cook using a roaster as a water bath, is a more precise way to cook.


Heat 'em cool 'em and dry 'em. Into the reefer tonight will smoke again tomorrow.

Bear taught me, double smoked is good!


Smelkls good and those few spaces on the skin where they tougched and got bad smoke will be taken ccare of tomorrow,


Plus I'll be smoking the boudin also after these are done again.

Thats it. Breakfast links are done, Cajun Hot Sausage and andouille to catch the second of the double smokes tomorerow and the boudin will catch a little left over smoke. It must be a fast smoke and into the reefer, it contains rice and no cure.

And Pulled Pork BBQ'd sammies tomorrow................ gonna be a good day!

Did I mention I feel like an old man this evening....LOL I think I need a longneck!

Thanks for checking out my pictures.
Oh Boy!!
Lots of Mighty Tasty Looking Vittles @ "Foamy's Joint".
Nice Job, Buddy!!

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