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  1. This was my first fatty.

    I have made stuffed meatloaf and have a pretty good recipe for one, but fatties are a bit different.

    This one started with 2 pounds of Jimmy Deen maple sausage flatened out in a 2 gallon zip lock plastic bag then I cut along the edges of the bag and peeled the top layer of the bag back to expose the sausage, this was followed by a coat of sugar maple rub over the sausage.

    Then a pound or more of chopped, smoked spair rib trimmings that I generally use in my backed beans. These I mixed with fried onions and chopped fried Home made apple bacon.

    Next I spread this eavenly over the sausage and sugar maple rub.

    Then I chopped a large onion and 3 large cloves of garlic and a half pound of sliced Cajun sausage seasoned them with Grub Rub and sugar maple rub and fried them until the onions were clear and spread them over the rib trimmings and bacon mixture.

    Then I covered everything with provolone and cheddar cheese and rolled it up in the zip lock bag.

    Next weaved a pound of apple smoked bacon on a sheet of wax paper.

    Then I seasons the rolled fatty with grub rub and carefully trenfered it on to the bacon weave and rolled the bacon around the fatty.

    Then I liberally dusted the whole fatty with Jeff’s naked rub and started my MES 40” set for 275 to crisp that bacon. I used a compilation blend of pellets in my pellet tray it was done in 21/2 hrs. And turned out fantastic.

    sorry I don’t know how to down load pictures with this new sight.

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  2. gmc2003

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    Sounds like a very good fatty, and large. What happened to the even statements?

  3. I don’t know what happened I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of all those numbers. This new form is not easy for me to navigate. I couldn’t figure out how to add pictures, but yes it was big.
  4. sauced

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    Sounds like a great fatty!! Too bad no pics
  5. Yah New forum can’t find the pictures on my phone.

  6. I can down load a picture that Ai have already posted but I can’t select a new picture from my library. I have no idea of what s url is. This fourm is just not working for me.☹️

    PS if things work the way they have been I won’t get an answer to this post.
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    You trying to upload from a pc or a phone ?
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    Hey Randy. That sounds like a delicious fatty. And HUGE!!!
    Just the description is worth a POINT!!
    It's really too bad you can't get your pics to load. I'd love to see them. I just started a new thread and it took me 20 mins to add a pic. Tried to do it again so I could tell you what I did but couldn't get it to work again.
    Hopefully Brian @bmudd14474 will see this and come to the rescue.
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    I fixed the number issue.

    What kind of phone are you using? Apple or Android?
  10. iPhone 7 Plus

  11. ab canuck

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    Fatty sounded good, I read an awful lot on this site about Jimmy Deen sausages, I have never seen or tried them as I have not seen them in Canada. I am going to have to try these my next trip south. Are the available everywhere in the US or are these a regional thing. I may have to try and make some, I have seen a few recipes or attempted copies on the forum in the past.
  12. Yah Jimmy Deen sausage is available everywhere in the US. It is good sausage but sausage is really easy to make if you have a grinder. I just made some out of a 10 pound pork shoulder that I bought for .99 a pound. I didn’t post it because the fourm was down.

  13. iPhone 7 Plus
  14. ab canuck

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    I am a sausage nutt, We make all kinds and have a few of our own recipes that we use. I just was wondering what the deal with Jimmy Deen was as I hear of it quite often. We have Johnsonville up here that seems to in the same type category, available across the country. Although I am not a fan of it because our stuff we make is better IMHO. At least to our group of
  15. WaterinHoleBrew

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    Sure sounds tasty Randy!
  16. Jimmy Deen had a maple sausage I wanted to try, turns out that the maple sausage I made from a pork shoulder was better next time I’ll use my own home made sausage. The only reason I buy bacon for the weave is that I don’t have a slicer to slice my home made bacon thin enough.

  17. Thanks! I would love to show you some pictures but I haven’t figured that out yet.

  18. Thank you! How did you do that? Now if I can figure out how to download pictures from my iPhone.
  19. Thanks I hope your right about the rescue!

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    When your posting a comment you should see underneath the box you write in that it has 3 red bars.
    Like so.

    When you select upload files it should give you some further options.

    Like so


    Then you select choose file and it takes you to your own phones options to choose where and what pics on your phone you want to use.
    Like so hopefully.

    Then you select one to look through pics or to actually take a pic live to send
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