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Bourbon fans

Discussion in 'Other' started by Plinsc, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Plinsc

    Plinsc Newbie

    I haven’t tried this yet, wondered if anyone had.
    My friend told me to fill a bowl with ice and smoke it till it melts then pour it into an ice cube tray for your bourbon.

    Sounds great to me!

    Forgot this:
    I asked why not a bowl of water and he said the surface area of ice gives it more smoke flavor.
  2. joedube70

    joedube70 Meat Mopper

    Welcome from Cleveland.
    Bourbon fan right here!! :)
    Have not heard of smoking ice cubes. Curious to see the responses you get..

    I did have a Woodford reserve with the barley portion smoked in cherry wood. That was very good! I was a few drinks in...so hopefully it really is as good as I remember. :)
    Have not been able to find that bottle in a store yet.
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  3. oldsmokerdude

    oldsmokerdude Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Big bourbon fan here. Have several smoking meat recipes where I use Jack Daniels barrel chips and several "go withs" that have bourbon in them as well. This is new to me. Can't wait to try it.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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  4. joedube70

    joedube70 Meat Mopper

    I think we need a bourbon category!
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  5. bdskelly

    bdskelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    It’s not uncommon to add smoke to a bourbon. Or even when making a Manhattan. I’ve visited a number of upscale bars that have a smoke generator. ( perhaps I’ve visited too many of them!)
    Give it a try and let us know how Works! But let’s not experiment with that bottle of Pappys just in case it doesn’t work out! B
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  6. TomKnollRFV

    TomKnollRFV Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Man if this works, you could really up the bloody mary game..
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  7. Plinsc

    Plinsc Newbie

    I’ve been blessed with 2 shots of pappys in my lifetime so far! The wife wasn’t impressed when the bill was brought to the table though.
  8. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Liquid smoke comes to mind.
  9. Few ways to skin a cat. I've got a few of these in different woods and they work well especially if you are only doing one or two drinks and really especially if you like your drinks neat as compared to the ice method and a whole lot cheaper/smaller/simpler than the smoke generators (I imagine as I've never really looked into purchasing one)
    You can also throw some dried herbs or any other smokable addition you want on top of the plank. The other nice part is if you have a source of the wood(s) you want to use you can easily make something similar without much trouble at all (while that trough isn't needed it is helpful in containing the area that gets charred)

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  10. Plinsc

    Plinsc Newbie

    I’ve not seen that before, how do you use it?
  11. The way I generally do it: Items needed- the wood plank, crème brulee torch/cigar torch lighter, mason jar*
    • torch the center area a bit
    • put mason jar on top
    • when you can's see through the jar any more remove the jar and put the lid on, then turn the jar upright
    • pour in whiskey
    • Put on lid and ring tight, shake/swirl (the longer the smokier)
    • Pour out into drinking vessel, put lid back onto jar
    • Enjoy
    Depending on the size of the jar and some other factors you can generally get enough smoke for 2-4 drinks. If making a cocktail make it in a separate glass, then pour it into the smoke filled jar, to avoid losing all the smoke among other reasons.
    You can also put tea or herbs on there to torch but I haven't done that yet.

    *I use a mason jar but any jar/glass/vessel that fits inside that trough works best, you can also use something bigger that goes around the outside of the trough. You however don't want to use something too small bc after use the center section will be charred which will give it crack/unsmooth areas so you'll lose a good amount of smoke.
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  12. Plinsc

    Plinsc Newbie

    Going to make one of those!