Birthday Tomahawk

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Feb 27, 2018
Knoxville, TN
Morning fellas. Birthday was a couple weeks ago and the wife asked what I wanted to do. I am not much for going out and spending a fortune on subpar food which is pretty much all it is anymore. My good friend tx smoker tx smoker sent me a beautiful tomahawk awhile back. Perfect opportunity. This is the first one I have ever cooked. Anyways here she is:

All seasoned up in its glory.

Kettle fired up.


Starting to slice.

And the plated shot.

Overshot the steak a couple of degrees but no big deal with this one. The CPB is absolutely delicious. Rich and beefy. Some homemade twice baked potatoes, Texas toast, and some broccoli. Sure beats going out!
Happy Birthday John, nice job on the steak

Point for sure
Oh man yeah! That beats anything you can get in a restaurant. And that CPB is a great starting point. Robert has gifted me a 'hawk before also. The flavor is out of this world.

Well, I had the opportunity to say "happy birthday" on your birthday but been waiting to see this steak. It was a lot bigger than I remembered it being at almost 2 pounds but you sure did it justice. Beautiful meal. One of the great things about CPB is that even if you over shoot it by a bit, you still get great flavor and tenderness. I've loved that stuff for a long time and seems as though other folks are starting to see the merits.

Beautiful looking steak! Looks like a great meal. And a happy belated birthday.

That looks really good, I went for a couple mile winter stroll this morning (12 degs) and man that would hit the spot about now is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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