Biggest ribs of my life…

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Sven Svensson

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Dec 5, 2021
Sonoma County, California
I made a comment about some Dino ribs some weeks back. I’ve never seen them anywhere I’ve shopped. It turns out that tx smoker tx smoker had pity on me and sent me some HUGE ribs a week ago which was wholly unexpected and extremely generous. But now I’m nervous as I’ve never cooked anything like this and I really didn’t want his generosity to be wasted.

I have been paying attention and observing you all on this forum. Today, being Dad’s Day, seemed to be the perfect opportunity to smoke them for dinner. We have family from Michigan visiting so it was a good day to prove my mettle. So, gleaning wisdom from the folks I consider skilled pit masters in this group I went with a simple approach. I set my Yoder to 275 degrees, expected 3-5 hours, unwrapped. Skipping to the end of the story, it worked beautifully and they were the best ribs of my life and the best beef ribs I’ve ever eaten, if you’ll forgive my haughtiness. Enough text, here’s the pictures.

This is a half sheet pan to give you some scale. I forgot to weigh it but my best guess was 350 lbs.

Using a butter knife to get under it the membrane pulled off easily.

The binder I chose was Wagyu tallow. The rub is what they use at Oklahoma Joe’s which to this day are the best pork ribs I’ve ever had in my life. The steak rub is their version of SPG. I gave it a light coating of that followed by their signature rub.

On went the Wagyu.

Then the two rubs. I knew I had a couple hours so I double probed it and went on my daily 2-hour hike in the hills trusting my Yoder to do what it does.

After 2 hours at 275 I started spraying it with gourmet pickle juice. Look at the pullback after just a couple hours. Wow!

It was probing uneven on the two sides but no worries as I turned it which helped it along. Once I hit probe tender in 90% of the spots I pulled it and inside it went for a rest.

The whole time the ribs were smoking I was smoking some of that Wagyu tallow in a small foil pan. I cranked the Yoder up to 375 and added some fingerlings with chopped garlic, a lot of shredded Parmesan, and some Rob’s mild rub. I took the plate off and did direct heat on the little spuds. It took about 40 minutes.

I should note when I picked them up off the smoker they were floppy. That was the moment I knew I did it. After the rest under foil I nervously cut into it. I got a beautiful smoke ring and the meat was super moist and glistening. I was so crazy relieved! The bark was amazing and I had to rochambeau my daughter for the super-barky end rib. She won but she did give me half.

Some smoked corn, a little Swedish cucumber salad, some tri-tip, and some smoked cream cheese crackers were the perfect compliment to a bold 2010 Leviathan Red Wine.

A HUGE thanks to tx smoker tx smoker for setting me up with this amazing meal. I was really scared I’d screw it up but it turned out amazing. That’s due to the great folks on this forum. I have you all to thank for probably the best beef I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. I’ll take beef ribs over brisket any day. I hope you had a great Father’s Day.
Yeah you gotta watch out for tx smoker tx smoker He'll send ya stuff to challenge ya. he has surprised me a couple of times.
Those ribs turned out perfect. Congrats on a great cook and meal!
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Nailed it! Great work, you definitely honored an amazing gift by creating a mouth watering meal! Points for sure!

tx smoker tx smoker is certainly a great guy who surprises you with next level generosity💪

All around feel good thread!
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Them Texas beef ribs are prime rib on a bone and a family fav in our house! Our local Costco recently started stocking them....Like Christmas every week!

Nice work on them and I'm pretty sure you will be on the hunt for some more! PS, if you talk to the local butcher and ask them to save the ribs for you when they have a prime rib sale you will be happy and full again!
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Sven, those look terrific and the clean bone is evidence to how much they were appreciated.

When I read the 350 weight all I could think of was the Flintstone ribs rolling the vehicle over. Ha ha.

Awesome cook. I'm sure your relatives had a great time.
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WOW!! You did those ribs proud my friend. Those put the last batch I did to shame. Excellent job sir and congrats on a successful cook.
I forgot to weigh it but my best guess was 350 lbs.
That's pretty close :emoji_laughing:
they were the best ribs of my life and the best beef ribs I’ve ever eaten, if you’ll forgive my haughtiness.
Nothing haughty at all with that statement. There's no sin in having pride for undertaking a new project and having it be a success, especially as big a success as these were.
I’ll take beef ribs over brisket any day.
Yes sir. Those were cut off of a 103 sub primal rib section, which is pure prime rib straight off the cow. civilsmoker civilsmoker nailed it and he has a great suggestion to check the local butcher or grocery stores and ask them to save the ribs for you. They take into account the weight loss from them and factor it into the price of the PR they are selling so the ribs might be pretty darned cheap. This is of course if they are getting the whole 103 rib section. If they are getting a 107 or 109 cut, you're not gonna get the full ribs and they will be more expensive.

Man they look fantastic! Not sure I’ve seen them in a full rack like that before. Robert has the inside track at CPB on things. He may be on the board there soon haha
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