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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by brgbassmaster, Feb 20, 2014.

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    So my buddy gave me 2 brand new drums that are bigger than a 55 gallon drum. Im guessing around like 75 gallon. Anyone ever made UDS out of one of these. I was just wondering if you go by the same specs with the 3 3/4 nipples and the same heights for rack. Or do i need more nipples? Thank you.
  2. Hello brg.  I haven't rained on your parade for quite a while.  [​IMG]   I haven't built one like that but I have some thoughts.  There is obviously more volume to the barrel and may require more air flow.  I am sure that often you find you do not need all 3 3/4" nipples open to get the required air flow in you UDS.  If I were going to build a UDS with a larger barrel I think I would go with 3ea. 1-1/2" nipples.  IF you need the extra air flow the option is there.  you can always cap 1 or even "damper" 1 or 2 with a couple pieces of foil.  Poke 1-2 holes in foil and ya got a damper.  Could also make dampers for each nipple with a nut, bolt and a thin piece of metal.  I always tend to over build things.  Rather build in the capability in the beginning rather than have to cut it apart and do it again.  As far as the racks,  I would put the first one same distance from the charcoal basket.  I assume this barrel is taller?  If just bigger around I would use what is working for you now.  If taller;  you have a lot of experience using your UDS.  Could you space your racks closer together with the food you cook?  Do you need 1 extra rack?  For this one I would say go with your gut.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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