Big Butt Question

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Sep 2, 2009
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I've smoked large butts that took 15 plus hours.  Didn't check the temp at 4 hours.  If you have a large piece of meat, say 10-15 lb, will it make it out of the 40-140 in 4 hour danger zone if you are smoking at 225?  How would you deal with a whole hog and the 4 hour rule?


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May 20, 2010
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The way I understand it, you should be fine as long as it's whole muscle. Not injected, brined, etc.

The whole hog still applies as long as you don't inject, if you do inject then the internal temp has to reach the 40º-140º rule in that specific muscle.


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Mar 12, 2009

I believe it's the top 1" of meat that has to get to 140° so you should be alright. Now but if you could bring that temp up more like 250°-260°ish it will get to 205° much sooner. I'm not sure at 225° that it will ever get to 205°.


Feb 9, 2010
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Crank up the temps. And injecting and brining have nothing to do with internal temps. At 225* one doesn't get to safe temp fast enough for me. I would start at least 250* to 275* and not risk anything negative.275* is where I cook most large cuts. Good luck. Steve.