better than masterbuilt? please?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by susieqz, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Got it. Should be an easy choice for anyone on a tight budget.  Just have to decide whether to get the 30 or 40 inch.  Thanks.
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    Susie, had I known you already owned a Traeger I would have softened my criticism of it. Remember that Costco sells it along, sometimes, with Landmann smokers. The BBQ teacher thought Traeger was fine product because he not only had like six set up he was also a Traeger dealer. His problem with that guy with Traeger was one of wounded ego; had nothing to do with the grills/smokers themselves. Are you looking to replace the Traeger because it's broken or because you don't like it? You may have already stated your reason but I missed the post.

    Traeger is both a grill and a smoker because you can use it with or without the smoke box. And I tell you, 225-275 is the sweet spot for low and slow cooking. 300-400° are grilling temps for meats, poultry, fish, and vegies. I read the wood pellet feeder automatically comes on when you power on the Traeger. Do you have the option on the control board of switching that feeder off if you don't want to apply smoke to whatever you're grilling?

    As for low and slow smoking, I don't know anyone who smokes below 215°. I think to cook at even as low as 200° would take forever, even more so at 150°. For really low temps, you're talking cold smoking but you don't do that with a ham. My favorite temp (following the advice of Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe) has been 235, another guy likes 242. Myron Mixon, the champion Q guy, prefers 275. Other people like 225 or 250--I might try 245 next or maybe even rest my set point on 250 for awhile. It's all personal choice but from my limited experience, 200 and below is just too low.

    Oh, I don't believe in smoking for days: I'm not even an overnight smoke guy. If I can't get it done with 6 hours, I'm not smoking it. Besides, I'm typically smoking meat for 2-3 people so we're talking less than 10 pounds of meat here. You can easily smoke a brisket that small to perfection in less than 10 hours, depending on various factors. Same with a Boston butt (pork shoulder). St. Louis style or baby back ribs are done in less than 6 hours. I've done all these on my MES 30 Gen 1 using the AMNPS.
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    thanks sarge. it does look as if you can hot smoke under 212.if i understand that article. you guys may be right that 225 n up is best, but i wanna find out for myself. i do know it's sucessfully done. dave does it. i  need to compare the two methods. i did find out that sausages are better under 200 than those at 225. i tried that myself.

    rick, you can say nothing bad about traeger that i won't second. your comments were all correct.

    this grill doesn't have the ability to cook without burning pellets. nor is it insulated.

    it will hold a heat of 225, plus or minus 5. when i tried the 180 setting, it's about 200. traeger doesn't try for heat under 225.

    when i called them, they said the 180 setting is more for cold weather starting than cooking.

    i got this before i found this site. i'll try to sell it to someone who mostly grills n just occasionally smokes.

    i'm not interested in grilling.

    some folks here are happy with traeger. i think they haven't dealt with customer service.

    in any event, they just want different things in a smoker than i do. since it goes up to 400, it certainly can crisp skin.

    i'm happy they got what they need. it's just not what i need.
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  6. susieqz

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    thanks sarge.

    that amnps should be here on xmas eve. i'm looking forward to playing with it.
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    Thanks, Susie. The thing about this group is it's chockfull of knowledgeable people. I was introduced to Todd Johnson and his A-MAZE-N products here. I've been taught smoking techniques that enabled me to up my game. I learned much about my MES 30 that wasn't covered in the owners manual. What I now do is try to return the favor my imparting what knowledge and experienced I've gained to newbies, which is exactly what I was about 2.5 years ago.

    I'm betting if you set the price right you can easily sell that Traeger, especially if it's in good shape.
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    Let us not overlook raw, sliced wafer thin!
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    Lox? Oh, Sarge, don't get me started on lox--Nova or otherwise. Lox, mmm.....
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    Flat out raw, Japanese style.
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    My daughter is the one you want to talk raw fish with. The last time I tried sushi was the last time I wanted to try sushi.
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    Raw fish ,no. Parasites people. Some people are under the mistaken assumption that raw sushi is somehow healthier than cooked. I would eat raw fish in a survival situation. But that's it. At least salt cure it. No sushi for me!
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    i know some people love sushi. i tasted it once. it tastes like bait.
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    Actually, I was referring to sashimi. It can be raw fish, or raw meat for that matter.  Sushi is a vinegared rice, with a filling of veggies or meat/fish, or nothing other than the rice.  The vinegar acts as a preservative.  Wrapped in dried seaweed.  In any event, beer helps.
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  17. Sarge, sorry I can't drink enough beer.
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    It is an acquired taste. 
  19. I can almost feel you squinting your eyes making fun of whole races of people here. Can we get this edited?

    FWIW, raw fish is often healthier than cooked fish. Why? Cooked fish is more often than not cooked with oils and fats or fried. If steaming the fish isn't the cooking method, then my slice of raw salmon (which is my favorite sashimi) is gonna be healthier than yours.
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    The fish you eat as commercial Sushi is parasite free as it has previously been deep frozen - usually on the boats down to -60 F. This destroys any parasites that may be in the fish, making it perfectly safe to eat.

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