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Better than 3-2-1 !!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vinnie39189, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. vinnie39189

    vinnie39189 Newbie

    Try this ONE time with baby backs!! I discovered this by accident when I ran out of room on the smoker and had to put some ribs in the oven first!!

    I lightly salted and rubbed my ribs. I use a 'little' extra brown sugar and drizzle a 'little' honey. Add a few pats of butter and 3-4 Tsp of your favorite juice. Wrap with foil and bake in the oven, meat side down at 250 for 2hrs 15 mins. Remove and lightly add more rub and brown sugar. Wait 5-10 mins and place on the smoker at 250 for 2hrs with a constant but light smoke. After two hrs, gradually increase your temp until your ribs are beautifully barked. Check frequently so you don't burn the sugars. These were the best ribs I've made yet!! Trust me and DON'T deviate!! I've done this twice and will never cook them on the smoker first, again. Perfect texture and flavors. U can adjust the tenderness by adjusting the initial bake time in the oven. Try 2hrs and 10mins at 250 for "barely able to eat 'em off the bone' ribs! Careful not to eat your fingers!!

    Don't over season or over smoke the ribs. Too much seasoning and too much smoke will ruin them. You can always add sauce and flavors, even after the cook, but you can't never take it away.  I like to use a mildly spicey rub with white pepper and top with brown sugars. This gives a great sweet and spicy layered flavor. I don't use hickory anymore except in very small amounts. I love a combo of pecan and a fruit wood or a little mesquite. Good luck and let me know how you like it!!
  2. cliffcarter

    cliffcarter Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Good for you, twice.


    I didn't comment the first time around because, quite frankly, I wanted to call you crazy.

    You are not the first to cook ribs in the oven, although most restaurants that cook ribs using this "method" put liquid smoke in the foil to avoid having to go through the expense of buying a proper BBQ.

    On another note, perhaps you could call this the "Reverse Foil Rib Method". Who knows, maybe it'll catch on, I've read about crazier things on SMF.
  3. vinnie39189

    vinnie39189 Newbie

    Hey Cliff, I guess speaking plainly the only difference is when you wrap them. I've always wrapped them after smoking them first. I've never had the bark and texture from wrapping them afterwards that I do now, from wrapping them first. Whether you wrap them and bake them in the oven or wrap them and put them on the grill is really insignificant in my opinion. Baking in the oven is just slightly more convenient. I only operate the smoker for about 2.5 hrs now instead of 4.5-5. That's all. If nobody wants to try wrapping them first it's ok with me. I don't need any praise. I'm very secure about what I cook. I was just passing along a little technique that resulted in ribs that rival just about anything I've ever eaten before. Anyone with a similar taste and texture for ribs as me will be glad they tried it.