best way to keep meat for long duration after cooking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nightperson, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Ive been asked to smoke a few butts for a friend for x mas- i plan to smoke them a few days before and they can reheat when they want to eat. My question is if i should pull and vacuum seal it for him or just refrigerate it for a few days, pull it himself when ready to eat.

    Also he asked the best way to keep it moist for a few hrs after he outs it out to serve. Ive pulled one before and it was pretty dry after 30 min or so being in the open. I assume a lid on the pan would take care of this?
  2. Smoke it the pull it. Put in vacuum sealed bags with the pan drippings. You could also make some of JJ's finishing sauce. Reheat in the bag with water in a big pan. 

    To keep it from drying out you have to keep it covered.

    Happy smoken.

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    thanks- thats what i was thinking.  i'll try the sauce. looks great
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    as David said... one thing I will add... he can put it in a crock pot and pour a little apple juice in it along with all the drippings... keep it on warm with the lid on it...
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  5. I have done the vacuum sealed bags. Cooked pork 2 days ahead, pulled and sealed, and refrigerated. Then when ready put a pot of water on my gas crab burner dropped a couple bags of meat in to heat up. worked great. just added more bags to the water as needed.

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