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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jraiona, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hey guys. I'm a newbie and am considering getting a WSM. There are only two of us and and wondering what you guys think of the WSM and what would be the best size for us?
  2. timberjet

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    I wouldn't go any smaller than the 18 and the only reason I say that is that you can build a mini weber for under a hundred bucks to take care of the little stuff. Plus, it is always good to have enough room for all the neighbors and relatives you will end up feeding when they catch wind you are smoking something. Hahaha....
  3. You make an excellent point there Timber. Thank you so much for your patience and input. Greatly appreciated.
  4. b-one

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    I agree 18.5 at least sometimes I wish I got the 22.5, but then I just tuck the flat of the brisket under or chop some off for hash. I would also look online may find a deal there out there once and a while.
  5. noboundaries

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    It is just my wife and me.  We have the 22.5" WSM. I fire it up whether smoking for an hour or 20, smoking for two people or seventy.  As barrel smokers go it is relatively pricy.  Do what I did: go look at a bunch of $1300 to $4000 smokers, check out their features, then look at the WSM.  It will seem inexpensive, probably be easier to use, and will last 20 years if not longer.  Either way, with the 18.5" or the 22.5", you can't go wrong.       
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    You say it is the two of you.  Just curious, will it always be the two of you  Young and close to starting a family?  Or way past that.  You don't have to answer on the board...

    If it is just the two of you.  heck if the two of you grow to a family of 4-5 or you have 4-6 folks over for a meal sometime I would say 99% of the time the 18.5 will be more than enough.

    you can fit a lot on the 18.5.  Plenty for meals for 2 or a small family or group.

    I just bought a WSM myself.  I had all the same debates.  I did get the 22.5 but I have a family of 5 and plan on using it more for larger family events then I do for quick meals for the family.  Knowing that I would tend to use it for much bigger groups I went with the 22.5.  Also at the time I could get $50 off the 22.5 from Amazon so it was just a $50 difference.

    regardless of my choice, again for you the 18.5 should be plenty.

    Is there a Home Depot by you?  reason I ask is at least where I live the Home Depots have the 18.5 on display so you can at least see the size of that one.  Also they sell 22.5 inch grates for the kettle grills etc.  Not quite the same as having a side by side comparison of WSMs BUT you can at least hold it up and get a sense of the added size.

    not sure this helped but hopefully it did
  7. krubby

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  8. noboundaries

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    I think EVERYONE has the 18.5" or 22.5" purchase debate.  I know I did.  Probably just part of buying the WSM.  
  9. welshrarebit

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    I was fine either way. I got the 22.5 because someone here was selling a slightly used 22.5 on Craigslist for $225. I jumped all over that and never looked back...

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