Belly pork ribs

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by resurrected, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Bought these from the local farm shop today.

    2.67kg of Packington free range belly pork ribs. Cost me £25. Expensive I think.but Packington pork isn't cheap.

    Just wondering if they are good to go as they are, or do they need a trim? I'm guessing some of the fat needs to come off.

    Just going to dry rub and 3-2-1 one rack. Freeze the other.

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  2. smokewood

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    I can't make out if the piece of meat in to top photo still has the skin on.  If it has I would just trim the skin off, and then it is good to go.
  3. It isn't, the butcher took the skin off for me. That's the fat. If you look at picture three that is that same piece.
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  4. smokewood

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    So it is, I would personally put a rub on the meat only and leave the fat to crisp up, so you would have a fantastic piece of meat with a crisp smokey fat 
  5. Done just that :biggrin:

  6. smokewood

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    Mmmm that looks awesome, and it's not even cooked yet [​IMG]
  7. Fingers crossed. Loads of meat on them too. Nice and thick.

  8. kiska95

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     the start of a Melon Kebob in the background? been watching BBQ Champ haven't you!!!!
  9. I'd heard you were popping over and it's the only thing I could think of that would be big enough to keep you quiet :jedi: :ROTF
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    Tell you what you've got it all on show, Tassimo, real eggs not in the fridge, you rich people have it all!!!!
  11. Bought this yesterday and going to use it at the end of the cook.

  12. I think I'm just going to let them cook straight through, with no foil wrap until I take them off at the end of the cook.

    What IT should I be aiming for and how long approximately. I've read anything between 3 & 5 hours?
  13. kiska95

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    Hi Ressy

    Don't think Wade used an IT when he showed us how to do ribs at the weekend meet. Think you were too busy boozing! It was the pull back of meat from the bones and the bendy test. The Neg ones ribs were so good they couldn't be lifted and no IT there either. But if 3+2+1 is the rule of thumb then it's 6 hours if my maths is any good[​IMG]
  14. Cheers Mr S.
  15. Ribs done and just falling apart. We're off to a pub quiz we do once a fortnight. The pub don't sell food but the provide cutlery etc, so you can take your own. Our team this evening will have belly ribs and wings.
  16. That looks damn fine!!
  17. I've had a pick and tastes gorgeous, Paul.
  18. kiska95

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    You might be a Boozy Brummie but you can cook mighty fine cowboy!!!!!
  19. Don't let Danny hear you calling me a cowboy :biggrin:

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