Before I build a brick smoker...

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Aug 15, 2020
Greeting all. I dwell here quite a bit but the closer I get to my build I have a question or 2 I cant seem to easily pin down.

I am finishing up my patios / decks and I have got some stuff to build a pizza oven and of course a smoker. I want them to be permanent fixtures to the landscape. In the pictures below I have 2 areas that are ~9*5 that I am planning to build the oven on one and the smoker on the other. The oven will be a nice brick unit and I was looking at propane tanks for my smoker and I was going to cast 2 legs in the ground and cement it. I actually have plans to go up buy a tank in 4 days form a guy about 3 hrs away. But I stumbled across this part of the forum yesterday and saw brick smokers and I believe they would fit the landscape much better. I'm not sure why It never crossed my mind considering the patio is brick, the walls are brick and the pizza oven is brick... So i've spent a fair amount of time planning and reading for my tank build. and had a pretty good idea of what i wanted, but the brock idea put a wrench in that. before I completely sell out to the idea of brick I had a couple questions?

with the brick unit, I want to build an offset reverse flow with a vertical cook chamber.
do any numbers in the formulations need to be changed due to brick over steel?
does the brick unit heat better/ worse? about the same?
I want the unit to be vertical for the brick due to size, the brick unit will just be bigger by default when building walls. otherwise id go horizontal. but I want the CC to be 2' deep x 3' wide x 5' tall. In all the smoker would be ~7' tall, which is a bit of a concern, but i'm 6'2 and the top rack wouldn't be more than eye level high if I use one that high. any dramatic downside to that?
On a normal offset the smoke comes around the otherside of the baffle plate. since this is a taller narrower CC, would it be bad if I built the flue (if you will?) to go past the cook chamber and then up and over the baffle plate thru the side oft he CC instead of the bottom? i have rough sketch below.
I also want to incorporate a wamign chamber and grill into this which may be trickier to do than with a tank unit.

Overall, I think the location would be easier to do with brick. I'm better equipped to work with brick. and I work with industrial kilns so I have connections for fire brick, mortar and refractory etc. But I don't want to spend hrs and hrs on something that will be inferior to cook with even if it looks better.

I can post my numbers I have for sizes etc if needed. I have a sketch of the unit at home if that would help also...

thanks! great info here!


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Welcome to SMF. Looks like you have a beautiful property. I’ve never build a smoker like in your plans so I am not much help. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Try the search function to find those who have done similar builds to what you are designing.
There were a few pretty nice YouTube vids documenting some brick builds at one time. Every design is different but give those a search, I remember one in particular that was very in depth.
Might look thru the smoke house section on this site .
I'm in the process of building a brick offset now and planned to start a thread once I'm done, but i wanted to reply just because I had many of the same questions (and still have a few).
First on your plan - not sure how a vertical yet reverse flow can work? my understanding of a reverse flow would only apply to a horizontal cooker, bringing the smoke the length of the CC and then back to the exhaust stack on the same side as the fire. Am I misunderstanding that?
Your questions on heating- my thought was that it will take longer to heat up bricks/masonry but it should hold temp more like a ceramic (green egg) than steel drum cookers unless they were extremely well insulated.... thats my theory at least, I'll have to let you know what happens in real life.

Overall, I've been pretty happy how its turning out I'll update this with some pictures shortly.

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