Been waiting for a week to do some cooking.

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Jul 7, 2021
Well my weekend is finally here after a long week. Got my grills set up for some smoking. 7 lb butt, 2 racks of baby backs and a double order of stuffed japolinos. The butt is going on my kettle and the ribs and jalapeños on the char griller. Going to try the 3 2 1 method with the ribs, first time in about 10 years smoking ribs and 1st time doing this method. Using Jeffs rub for all meat. Wish me luck. LOL.


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3-2-1 maybe bit too much for babybacks unless you like really FOTB ribs.
2-2-1 would be just about right.
Otherwise it sounds like you have a solid plan.
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Yep, 2-2-1 for baby backs has always worked great for me. Good plan and enjoy yourself. Oh, don't forget the pics, we like pics. :emoji_grinning:
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Agree with Colin....Bring on the pics. We are very visually oriented here abouts. Look forward to the final product.

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Heres some early pics.


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So I'm about 2 hours in on the kettle and butt and i keep running above 250 with bottom vent closed. So i also closed the top vent completly to get temps back under control. Also took 1 row off the top of my snake. Got temps down to about 220 and i opened top back 100% and cracked bottom one and now temps rising again back up. I have a snake with 2 rows on top of each other running B$B briquettes. Maybe 2×2 is too much?? Dont mind it running high 240's to 250. But over that I get worried. LOL I try to keep it 240 to 245.
Also put on the stuffed japolinos on the char griller.


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Learning one thing with this char griller. You do not need all that much charcoal with this thing to run it hot! LOL. Have the side vent completely closed, but not the best seal. Temp keeps running away like crazy. Have pulled alot of briquettes out and am down to this many and looks like I need to pull more out. Stuck 2 temp probes on the grate. 1 in the front and 1 in the back. This is my reading now. Gonna pull more heat out and see if I can get it under control.


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Heres the butt at 5hrs in. Getting close to 160 IT. Heres the 1st batch of japolinos. The weber is chugging along between 240 and 250. Basically leaving it alone. The char griller not so much. LOL! Still have some ribs and another 30 japolinos go go on it. It will be fun. Just have to learn how it cooks. Its been along time since I used it. Maybe 10 years. And it fell out of my truck when we moved. LOL.


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Lookin good! Keep posting the pics Gabe!
Whatever the reason being away so long. its just going to make it all taste so much better.
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I sure like what you're doing and how you're doing it. It looks like you may have done it a time or two. :emoji_grinning:
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Butt is done and sat in a cooler for about an hour. Which was good it got done before the ribs. Threw the ribs on the weber and took them out of the foil after 2 hours. Temp was around 160 and still only about 163. Guess its a stall? Gonna try to push threw it but everyone is getting hungry. Man that weber kettle can hold a temp. The char griller not so much. It was alot of work and I gave up on it when the weber was empty. Might think about a WSM.


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The butt looks good, hope the rest of your meal went ok. Nothing else about the ribs .
Hope everyone was happy

They both came out edible. LOL! Not exactly how I wanted. Fought my grill I was cooking the ribs one with temps all day. Once the butt was done on the kettle i transfer the rubs over onto it. It was getting late and it got to about IT 180. so I pulled them. Everyone seemed to like it. Maybe next set of off days I will try some more ribs. If I am gonna be doing multiple meats, butt, ribs etc. Im really thinking about a WSM.
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