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    Time to get ready for deer camp, again.  Hopefully next time the title will be Venison Salami.  This was the first time I  used this seasoning from Curley's.  What I found using this seasoning is it has some tang to it.  I have made salami in the past with different recipe's and no tang.  Of course I know I could add fermento and other things to it but I don't think I need to with this.  I did add stuff to this mix as I always do, but none of what I added caused the tang, that was in the seasoning.  I think my bud's will be happy with this up north.  Reinhard

    10 pounds of 80/20 ground beef

    3 cups cold water

    2 cups dry powdered milk

    3 T diced garlic [from the jar]

    3 T mustard seeds

    2 tsp cure#1

    one pack of Curley's Venison Salami seasoning, enough for 10 pounds

    l spread the mustard seeds and powdered milk over the meat.  Then I put the seasonings and the cure in the water and mixed it well. Poured it over the meat and mixed up everything well.  Put the sausage mix in the fridge overnight for the seasonings and the cure to meld.  Next day I stuffed everything into 1 pound fibrous casings.  Let the sticks dry and then put into the barrel smoker for a 5 hour cold smoke in my AMPS tube smoker with cherry pellets.  Then put some charcoal in the fire box and got the temp up to 200 deg. and left the sticks in there until the internal of 160 deg.  Cold bath when done and back in the fridge for another overnight stay.  Next day they went in vac packs.

    Everything dumped into the meat and ready to get mixed up.

    Meat got that light red color from the cure after a overnight in the fridge.

    Tubes are all tied up and ready for the smoker.

    Ready for the cold smoke.  Let's get some color.

    Pulled them out when the internal temp was around 160 deg.

    Time for a cold bath.

    After a stay in the fridge overnight, they were ready for vac wraps and some snacks.
  2. Looks awesome! I'm glad some cooler Temps are finally working their way in. This is definitely something I want to try to make.
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    Man that looks great. What casing size did you use?
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    Dang it man them looks yummy - nice job - Good luck at Camp, headed up myself tonight to Elk camp 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    First of all I want to wish Everyone here a very merry Christmas!!!!  Really enjoy being on here with a great bunch of smoke and sausageheads.  Made some more beef salami for Christmas presents.  10 pounds again and the same recipe as above.  Forgot to put in the whole black peppers this time but wont be long and I'll be making more.  Have to make around 80 pounds of summer and salami from the venison this year.  Here are some pics of the day:  Reinhard

    All tied up and ready for the smoker.

    All smoked, out of the cold water bath and cooling off a bit.

    Sticks got a overnight stay in the fridge and then one stick was sacrificed for the money shot and snacks.
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    [​IMG]  Points!!!!!
  7. Wow!!  That really looks good!!    Points!!

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    Thanks everyone!!  Have a great Christmas everyone!!!!  Reinhard
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    Looks Fantastic. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the post.
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    Looks great Thumbs Up
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    More super sausage, Sir. Point.

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    I can't speak for OP, but they appear to be 1-1/2" dia. x 12" long, they hold about 1 lb..  I like that size because 1) It fits on a Town House cracker with just slicing and 2) I don't have to eat 4 lbs of sausage when I open one.

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