Beef Jerky: Ten Pounds, Two Types (with Pics)

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by couger78, Mar 23, 2013.

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    looks perfect. Do you need my address? You send me yours and I'll send you mine. Nice job.
  2. I can't seem to find it on bass. Can some give me a link to Cure #1? Thanks!!
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  4. Well I got me cure# 1 in and the wife is getting be some London broils, so it begins. I will take pics, but they will be the same as I am going to follow cougars method exactly for my first time. Thanks
  5. SO, I'm wanting to smoke jerky and wings at the same time. Is this a bad Idea?
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    Not a bad idea, but you'll need to take extra steps and certain precautions with poultry.

    Poultry benefits from brining & important to use Cure#1 if smoking with the jerky. They'll also need to cook to 160°F (152-154°F for the beef jerky) a higher internal temp than beef.

    Here's some good info from Marianski on poultry brines.

    Good luck!



    Products that are going to be smoked at low temperatures (below 200° F) need Cure # 1 to be added to the brine. Cure #1 contains 93.75 % of salt which has to be taken under consideration. Using ½ cup of salt and 3 oz. of Cure #1 for 1 gallon of water we obtain a brine concentration of 5.6 % which corresponds to a salometer reading of 21 degrees.

    A typical brine solution (with Cure #1) at 21 degrees salometer reading:

    1 gal. of cold water
    ½ cup (146 g) of salt
    3 oz. (85 g) of Cure #1 – corresponds to 79 g of pure salt
    3 oz. (85 g) sugar (brown or white).
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    Hey Couger,

    Your jerky looks fantastic!  As always, thanks for posting such clear and detailed recipes and instructions.

    I'm definitely going to give your recipes a try....I have yet to make jerky in my smoker, I've always just used my food dehydrator.  I'm sure your smoked jerky is much tastier.

    Thanks for a great post!

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    Thanks, Clarissa.

    This was my first actual jerky batch in this particular 'big box' smoker —the last few batches were done in a dehydrator with liquid smoke added to the marinade. Hanging the jerky takes a bit more work than laying them on dehydrator shelves. I just received some non-stick mats for the smoker, so maybe next I'll lay the jerky on the mats vs. hanging. Always gotta try something new!

  9. Hi Kevin, I am new to the forum what do you marinade the pepper jerky in. I am trying to make a dried Indian jerky which is mostly meat flavor and pepper very chewy and dry. but keeps great for hiking and camping. But I having a hard time finding out they type to use. The Jerky I like best is at they are in Bishop Ca. but will not tell me the meat. If you look at their site it is the Indian Jerky. Thanks for any help you can offer.  I like you method for the pepper jerky.
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    This jerky looks awesome - definitely going to give both flavors a whirl.

    Quick question - do you have to hang the meat? If you were to lay it flat on the grate would you get the SW results? I just don't have a rack to hang thee at and would rather not buy one unless it will produce a better product.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. couger78

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    Nope, you don't have to hang jerky to get great results. Plenty of folks lay the strips on racks/shelves in their smokers. Having non-stick mats is a real plus (frog mats & other similar products) in order to keep the meat from adhering to the metal. Only real difference in the results may be the rack 'pattern' or impression left upon the jerky. I originally intended on 'racking' the jerky vs hanging (quicker, less labor-intensive than hanging), but the delivery of my new non-stick mats was delayed so I went with the hanging style.

    Great mats, but shipping took a while.

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    Cool Kevin

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just ordered my cure#1 from Amazon. I'm going to try your jerky recipe once it shows up. Ill post some pics of the product once I finish.

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    Great looking recipes. As a matter of fact, I liked the look of them so much I just put 10 pounds of eye of round into marinade. I did 4 different variations. Essentially stuck close to your recipes for half, and kicked up the other half with a fair amount of Sriracha. I'll condense my notes and create a post in the next day or three.

    In the mean time, here's one pic from what I'll call the Sweet Teriyaki.

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    I want to do some jerky in my new Oklahoma Joe Offset smoker, while I am smoking a chuckie.  I am going to have issues? Can you buy a jerky rack to hang the strips?

    Cougar: Thanks for the great redipes and techniques.
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    I smoke my jerky at a much lower temp then I like to smoke my wings but it can be done.

    Make sure your poultry is set below your jerky. You don't want your poultry juices contaminating your other meats. Same with pork for safety reasons.

    Don't smoke your jerky at too high of temps or it won't come out as jerky should.
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    This whole thread has been very helpful and timely for me.  I've been wanting to make some jerky, and when I started searching for information on how to do it on here, this thread popped up and it has the answers to pretty much all of my questions.

    I've got a batch sliced and marinading right at this moment using pretty much exactly the mixture Steve posted above as the "pepper jerky" recipe.  I got the cure #1 from Amazon, and sliced mine across the grain, because I, too, prefer my jerky to be on the tender side.

    I'll be drying/smoking it tomorrow night.

    With great help like what I've found here, I'm pretty confident that it'll come out good.

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    Nice job on the jerky...
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    Good luck with it, Jim! After sampling this batch, you can always adjust the ingredient amounts to suit your own tastes (more heat or sweetness, etc).

  19. If I only wanted to do 5 pounds would it be as simple as cutting your recipe in half.


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    For a really unique and excellent taste, try Lemon Pepper on jerky[​IMG]

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