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Smoke Blower
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Feb 26, 2022
My father in law has always done a turkey on the grill for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It turns out so moist and succulent. From what he has explained, its all in the brine. Brining it for 24 hours helps loosen up the connective tissue. Slow cook that bad boy on a well maintained BBQ and you have heaven on a plate. We were unable to make it to my in laws for Easter this year. I thought I would try brining a turkey and then grilling it like he has in the past for our Easter dinner this year. It turned out great. The white meat was so moist it was unbelievable. We were able to celebrate Easter at my moms with my sisters. I received many positive compliments on this bird from my three sisters that do not care for turkey at all. OHHHH the aroma. My mouth was watering during the 45 min car ride over to my moms. My brother in law actually made an informational video for one of his college courses in the fall of 2019. It covers the Brine process and the BBQ portion. Worth a watch if interested in doing this.
Here is the link. Enjoy!!!


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