"bbq sauce?" "..NO thanks i don't want to ruin it."

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  1. My wife was shopping online when she came across this beaut!!

    She asked if i would like a grill like this and i said "that's no ordinary grill.. that's a SMOKER!!!!" I picked it up that same day.

    I was so excited and couldn't wait to cook on it. I wouldn't shut up about smoking a brisket, she had never heard about, or had a brisket before. She was definitely in for a treat [​IMG]

    I used a dry rub my buddy sent to me from Texas, sweet with a little bit of spice to it. Just the perfect mixture. Let 6 pounder sit over night in the fridge then was ready for the smoker.

    I tried to keep the pit temp between 225 and 250 the best I could. Was a little up and down with working this smoker for the first time...go big or go home right? I used oak wood, with hickory chips. I didn't soak the chips just dampened them with water then put them in the fire box.

    Few hours in..

    During the cook time I sprayed apple cider vinegar on it. I smoked it for about 8 hours, checked the internal temp which was spot on at 170. I took it off wrapped it and put it in the oven for about 20 min. I checked the internal again and was perfect at 190. Pulled it out let it rest for 15 minutes then cut.

    It was AMAZING!! My family loved it. The best compliment was from my lovely wife of course when i asked her.. "babe would you like some bbq sauce?" she replied.."no thanks i don't want to ruin it."  [​IMG]
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    Justin, for some reason, your pictures aren't showing up.  You can add pictures to your posts by using the "insert image" icon in the tool bar and loading them right from your computer.  The image links you posted gives me a 404 message.
  3. ugh dang! okay thanks for letting me know!

    when i click on it under the "embed an image" it just keeps loading.. maybe just my comp messing up [​IMG]
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    That's a great story. It is your obligation to keep making Q for your wife. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks bobank03! I agree ill cook all the Q she wants lol
  6. Nice!  [​IMG]   Looks like it turned out great for you  [​IMG]   Pretty soon you'll be smoking everything but the kitchen sink!  [​IMG]
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    Nuthin wrong with that!

    Nicely done,

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    Nice Toy and nothing like nailing a Brisket on the first run...JJ
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    You did awesome!  Go for some more!

    Great Job!

  10. Thanks everyone! Keep calm and smoke on!
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