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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by smokinhusker, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. So I've seen all the threads lately about BBB and I had to give it a try. Got the pork butts on sale for $1.49 lb - 2 in a cryovac. 

    I boned and butterflied one butt into 2 pieces.


    I made 2 different cures. The first cure I put on the piece in the bottom of the pic and used Hi Mtn Buckboard Bacon Cure with additional 1/4 cup of honey and 1/3 cup maple syrup. Went into the fridge on 1/29/2012, massaged and turned every day. 

    Out of the fridge, rinsed, soaked 30 minutes in ice water, rinsed again and patted dry.



    Cut some uneven pieces off for the fry test.


    No salty taste and could definitely taste the honey and maple. Brushed some additional maple syrup on it and now sitting in front of a fan to dry a bit. 

    I've never cold smoked bacon but going to give it a shot with maple and maybe a bit of mesquite. 

    See you all when it's done!
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. jrod62

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    Will hang around and see how this ends.
    Wildflower, pass the popcorn :biggrin:
  4. realtorterry

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    Looking good!  How many pounds was that?
  5. I new here, so I have to ask, what is "BBB"?  I doubt it has to do with the better business bureau................
  6. shoneyboy

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    Al Swearingen, BBB is Buck Board Bacon, it is made from Boston butt. For me it is a better bacon, but I haven't made any from belly's yet either[​IMG]....I can make it cheaper than belly bacon too..... @ SmokinHusker Looking good  !!!!! I just need some mine is in the frig. curing as we speak and I'm out !!!! Let me know how it turns out, I've been curious about the Hi mountain cures. I have some what been following Pops recipe, I have cut back on the salt/sugar and adding garlic and onion powder....I let a couple friends of mine try it and I can't keep any in the freezer any more !!!! I makes a lot when you make it, just don't give any away....they will be knocking on your door when they smell smoke looking for some more....LOL 
  7. gersus

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    Youre gonna love it, SmokinHusker!

    Al - BBB is buckboard bacon. It's making "bacon" from pork butt. It's really good!
  8. big andy a

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    You said you did two cures - were they both the same or was the second one different?

  9. Thanks everyone! I am excited to get it finished so I can give it a try!!!!
    Thank you! This one is 3.5 lbs, the one I'm doing tomorrow with heat is 4 lbs. 

    Shoneyboy - I've done belly bacon with Tender Quick and Hi Mtn...we prefer the Hi Mtn as it doesn't taste as salty. The first time I used TQ, I soaked it for 1 1/2 hrs and it was still very salty tasting to us, but we don't use much salt. I've only had to soak the Hi Mtn for 30 min every time I've used it. 

    Gersus - I like the product from my fry test!!! So I'm thinking with the smoke this is going to be heaven.

    Big Andy - The 4 lb piece I did the Hi Mtn but only added additional brown sugar and I'm going to dust with black powder. Also going to smoke it with heat to IT of 155* or so, that way when hubby gets home this weekend we can try both and see which we like better - cold smoking or hot smoking. 


    This is after 3 hrs of maple smoke and the temp in the smoker is holding at 70* (Since we still have quite a bit of the 16-18 inches of snow on the ground and the outside temp is 40*, I did pre heat it to 100* and then turned it off.)

    Okay slowed down long enough to get the pics off my phone of it finished. Haven't sliced it yet, I'll do that after Hubby gets home. So the question I have is do I slice it lengthwise or crosswise? Which is better? I slice by hand so fitting on a slicer isn't an issue. 

    I cold smoked this one 14 hours with maple wood and threw in about 1/2 cup of mesquite towards the end. It smells great and can't wait to try it.




    This is the honey and maple syrup cured and cold smoked. All sliced and final amount was almost 3 lbs.


    This is the brown sugar cured on the smoker. I decided to hot smoke this one.


    All finished and ready for slicing.



    Brown sugar hot smoked all sliced. Final amount was 3.5 lbs

    Both taste great, just haven't decided whether we like cold smoking or hot smoking it better.

    Thanks for looking!
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  10. smokinal

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    It looks great so far!
  11. venture

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    Finished pic?


    Good luck and good smoking.
  12. thoseguys26

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    Black powder? This will be explosively good!  I can't wait to see the finished pics. I've heard of buck board bacon but never have I tried it or realized it was just pork butts. Damn, I just had 80lbs of pork butts a few weeks ago!!! Why didn't anyone suggest BBB? LOL I made 75lbs of sausage instead!

    What's the advantage over BBB vs Pork Belly Bacon? It should be a lot meatier and less fatty..right?
  13. venture

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    BBB is generally cheaper and meatier except for those who grow little piggies.

    Black powder?  Now I am thinking saltpeter?  I don't think I want to go there?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  14. scrappynadds

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    Looks yummy great job so far
  15. teeznuts

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    Try to slice across the grain if you can find it after all that smoke.
  16. sprky

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  17. Thanks for looking and all the great comments.

    Hubby didn't want the other one with black pepper on it soooo, none this time but I have 4 more butts!  Still have to upload the other piece that I took to 140*.

    I found it even after all the smoke! Finished frying up some about 2 minutes before Hubby walked in the door! Nice plateful and he ate it all!
  18. geerock

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    Venture, I was thinking the same thing.  I've been around the block a few times myself with the smoker and I must have missed the class about black powder seasoning. LOL. 

    Smokin Husker, got BBB, loin, and bellies curing as we speak and I had a couple of questions about flavorings and times to apply and you answered them.  I appreciate the info.

  19. Ok folks, I fixed my typo! Black pepper not black powder!!!! [​IMG]  I was reading the black powder hunting regs and emailing Hubby that we can submit our applications! Gonna unload the pics this evening and I'll get the sliced pics up!!!! 

    Thanks for looking 
  20. shoneyboy

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    No offince, but when I read this, I could just see someone with the black powder all over their meat in the smoker and POOF !!!!  It's done..........[​IMG]

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