Bass Pro Bought Cabela's

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Sep 10, 2011
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WOWWWW.. just heard on the news that Bass Pro just bought Cabela's... not sure what's gonna happen yet ....
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I sort of dislike this.  Cabela's has some items that Bass Pro does not, and also has some that are higher quality in the same price point.  BP seems to be slowly turning into the Walmart of outdoor supplies.  Lots of China stuff and so-so quality at my local stores as of late.  Now if they continue to run both with Cabela's keeping up the higher end of the existing market, I'm OK with that.  But I doubt that is the way this is going.
I agree dward51.  I am from western Nebraska and we are very proud of Cabela's.  I would hate to lose the quality that you can get there.  I also live about 7 miles from the first large retail Cabela's store.  I really like my weekly trips to check out the new outdoor cooking and camping area. Quite a change is the market for sure.
Someone told me this last night and i didnt believe it at first! I actually thought Cabelas was the bigger brand nationwide, guess i was wrong. I would imagine BP wont change the branding and merch of Cabelas, they'll just be the Outdoor Financial Tycoon!
It's a sportsopoly!

Not a big deal for me. Nearest one is 180 miles away. When I order sporting goods it's usually from Sportsmans Warehouse. We have one here And I can get free shipping to the store.
I read the news earlier today and thought after reading the story, Cabelas was for sale, and Bass Pro Shops bought them, too bad it couldn't been some private investor.  I think this is going to be the slow end of Cabelas good Quality products.  As a truck Driver, I have stopped at Cabelas many time on my way to Salt Lake City, out of Ontario Canada.  I have delivered to Cabelas once, a load of sweat shirts and pants out of Tiger Brand in Cambridge Ontario.  On my first stop at the Western Montana Caabelas, I  bought a 3 dollar rain poncho, that to day is tear free and still looks like the day I bought it.  The reason it was so cheap, it was the old style of camo, no matter to me, I do not own a gun, never go hunting (women excluded from that statement) or anything alike.  I used it in my truck, wore it many time and folks who saw me in it laughed.
They're both to far away for me, I've never

been to either one.

Besides I would rather buy from the smaller shops.

Not as good a selection, but they can get almost anything.

I had not heard about this take over or that Cabelas was for sale. In my area we now have four outdoor shops, Cabelas being the largest one dedicated to camping/hunting/fishing/shooting. It has been a favorite of mine for years due to their selection, customer service and quality. I hope that they maintain those attributes and not "merge" the two. BPS has it's fans as does Sportsmans Warehouse and Scheels yet they are each so different. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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