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Discussion in 'Pork Sticky' started by meowey, Sep 3, 2007.

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    I put a pan under the butt to catch the juice then will defat the juice and pour it back over the pulled pork.  
  2. Thanks for the come back! Does the empty pan with just the fat get to a point of burning?
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    If your staying 225 to 275 range it won't burn. Most of the time I just put the butt in the pan. If you smoke higher the 275 keep the fat cap down that will help keep the meat from burning. I have a bowl full of sand with foil covering it on a lower shelf . That help even out the heat from side

    to side in my UDS. ( without it I have seen as much as 50 degrees from one side to the other.)
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    Just wanted to jump in and give thanks to meowey for the instructions. Did my first tday and even though I did have some bumps on the way, the end result was awesome!

    I got a 2-pack shoulders from Costco and threw the other one in the freezer for later use. They were both about about 6.5 pounds each. Made an improvised rub last night and fired up my Masterbuilt propane unit @ 4am this morning. Hit 165 degrees around 3pm, double wrapped in foil and finished it in the oven. Had it in the cooler for about an hour and then around 6.30pm started chowing down. Yummy!!!

    Some of the bumps I had were that for some reason the temp spiked a couple of time to around 300 before I noticed it. Probably due to the chips igniting. Also forgot to add chips a few times, and there was no smoke anymore. If I would've caught those few things on time, I guess the end result could have been even better. Well..., gotta have something to improve for the next time. Hehe...

    Sorry, no pics...
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    Looking good!
  6. Great read!

    Will be following your advice soon.
  7. The spray with the spiced rum.... will try that. I like Kraken spiced rum.
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  8. OK, I have a few questions.  Im using Cajun Injector Electrisc smoker.  I just got it for Christmas, so still trying to figure it out.  First and foremost, how much and how often should I be adding the wood chunks?  I own a cabinet shop, so I chop up small pieces of Hickory, Caheey, Oak, and Alder and make a mix.  Last weekend I did a shoulder that apparently wasn't thawed completely when I started, so it cooked for about 23 hours before I hit 200*.  It was Awesome, just a day afer I planned on having it for dinner LOL.  This week, I'm providing PP for a party of 60 this weekend, so I started yesterday afternoon at 3pm.  I stuffed 4- 8# butts in there.  2 on each shelf.  It was snug, but they fit.  So I figured that with the tight quarters it would take a little longer.  I cooked at 235, every hour I spritzed the rum mix, I spritz for the butt, one spritz for Dan, two spritzes for the butts, one, two spritzes for Dan, and so on. and added wood chunks.  It was an entertaining night to say the least once I added a few beers.   I hit 165 at around 2:30 am, wrapped them in foil, and went back to bed.  Two hit 200* at 3:15pm.  24 hours, but the other two still sit at 185.  So I guess my question is, Is there such a thing as too long on the smoker?  Two of these things will be rockin for 26-1/2 hours.  Is that cool?  The ones I pulled off, fell apart on the way out, and a few chunks fell into my mouth and it was awesome to say the least.  Should it take this long?  Did it only take this long because I over stuffed the smoker? I have it in my shed where I have a torpedo heater keeping the room at 45*, so it's not like the tamp wasn't able to stay up. 

    Yes, my few questions turned into a novel, sorry, just excited and damn hungry!!!
  9. I'm by no means an expert, but I believe for safety's sake you need to get to 140 within 4 hours.  Beyond that, I don't think that there is too much time in the smoker as long as texture and taste are to your liking.  The amount of smoke is extremely subjective as well.  I've learned that with my smoker (Lowe's Master Forge) to keep the damper open a bit to insure that the bark doesn't get a bitter smokey taste.

    Of course the others here will challenge you that your novel is fiction until you post pics. [​IMG]
  10. I am going to try first pulled pork this weekend!

    Pork butts are only $0.88 lb right now, so it seems like a good time for it, plus I hear tell that there might be a game on the tube Sunday too...
  11. Wow that's a good price!  Good luck with your smoke  [​IMG]
  12. gonna inject a butt with fresh lime juice this weekend let it sit a day or so and smoke it on sunday for pulled pork fajitas during da Stuper Bowl.  never tried it but it's gonna be good in my head.  shred it up with some cilantro in there.
  13. still debating if i want to toss it in the night before or wake up at 4am and put it in then.  last ones i did took about 13 hours, that was two of them.  but it will be served up(aside from picking at it before hand) somewhere near kick off with fresh made guac, sauteed red onions and bell peppers, sour cream, and salsa!

  14. Here is my 1st ever Pork Butt.  Just did it for the Super Bowl

    8.5 lb Pork Butt

    rubbed and sat 24hrs in fridge

    smoked at 225

    til hit IT of 165/ then foiled/used foiling juice

    put back in smoker til IT of 190

    was smoked with Pit Master blend AMNPS (thanks Todd)

    my smoker is a MES 40 Old Generation (absolutely love it !!! )

    smoke only ran 12 hrs/ was started at 10pm Saturday night

    was for dinner at 630hrs Sunday (built in enough time for 16hr smoke and

    allowed for plenty of time for my other items that I needed to smoke for Super Bowl Party

    since it finished 8hrs before dinner/ wrapped it in towel, and a comforter, then placed it into a cooler

    this kept it warm 8hrs later !!!!

    this Butt was unbeleivably moist/tender and pulled apart easily. Bone pulled out clean, without any problem

    Got nothing but RAVE REVIEWS !!!

    Thanks to EVERYONE on SMF for all of your posts, I have learned a tremendous amount on here so far, and EVERYTHING has been a success that I've tried to make, because of all of you!!!!!
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    [​IMG] looks great to me!  I would go back for more!
  16. my butt turned out great for the Super Bowl as well.  i HIGHLY recommend injecting one with lime for fajitas.  i rubbed it down with lime, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some chili powder.  added a little lime juice to it when i pulled it as well. 
  17. Cooking a butt and a picnic this weekend for the first time on my new Smokey Hollow smoker.  I will try the above method.  Thanks for the advice!
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    Worked out great. Followed your advice but the only change I did was put the butt in a foil pan and covered after I moved it into the oven. Then once it hit 200, I turned off the oven and let it sit covered for another hour and then pulled it. Came out great. You're right about the plateau, at 160 it took about an hour and a half just to get to 165.

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    It's hard to rush a piece of meat if it does not want to be rushed.

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