Bad day on the smoker need some tips!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matt0058, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Now there is no worse feeling in the world than to get excited about firing up the smoker and then everything seems to come to crashing hauls. So today I smoked some bacon that I had brining and I thought why not smoke some side ribs to. So I noticed that there was a lot of steam pouring out of my smoker now I opened up the door and realized that the bacon that had been brining was releasing some moisture over the burners which was causing a build up of steam. By this point I realized that the rub on my ribs looked gloopy and pasty, and in the end the ribs didn't come out like they have before. Now my question is, did the ribs come out like that because of the bacon building up steam or are there some other causes and if so what are some tips to keep steam out of your smoker. Thanks guys for the help.

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    It is important to let Brined meat rest for a day in the refer or an hour or two in front of a Fan, to dry a bit and form a Pellicle.  This reduces the dripping you described but it is still a good idea to place a Drip Pan under the Bacon. As far as the ribs go, if the brine was dripping on the ribs this would cause the rub to run, the steam may as well if there was a heavy coating of rub. They may not have been as pretty but there should not have been much difference in taste, though maybe a bit saltier from the brine...JJ

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