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Bacon weave concern... will it let enough smoke to my pork loin?

Joined May 13, 2008
This'll be my first weave attempt.  should I leave it loose, or a will a tight weave let enough smoke through? 

Here's the plan: a whole pork loin, cut in two pieces then rubbed with a few spices (no salt) and wrapped with the bacon weave  I'm thinking I will add a few onion strips into the weave lengthwise along with the bacon.  Twine to hold it together.  Lump charcoal smoked with apple wood chips added.  Possibly basted with apple juice (concentrate?).  This will be done on Friday. 

When cooled down, I will slice with an electric knife to try to keep the bacon intact then carefully place in a crock pot. 

Saturday morning I will add some applesauce and sliced honey crisp apples and heat it all up together, then off to the in-laws for the annual extended family feast.

So, what does anyone think?  should I do anything different?  Maybe some brown sugar somewhere along the line?  Mostly concerned about the bacon not letting the smoke in.  There's somewhat of an unspoken competition to see who can bring the most popular dish so I want this thing to be over-the-top awesome.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice, I've been smoking for a few years but certainly not 'professional grade' yet.
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Now I would not worry about the bacon weave. The smoke will get thou it and it will taste good too. Sometimes when smoking a ham the skin is still on it you have to cut lines into the skin after all it's could be a football. Don't worry about the bacon.

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Mid, It seems as thou you are trying to impress your in laws, so if you are tying to do that then here is a simple rule= K.I.S.S.

Like Mark said, do not worry about the Bacon Weave, it'll let the smoke in and out.
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Thanks guys, no more worries about the smoke not making it through the bacon.  As far as impressing the relatives, that would be nice but really trying to impress myself.  I enjoy trying new ideas as well as my old standards.  Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about this. 


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Personally I would smoke it like you say, cool and wrap it up whole. Slicing it up before hand will help dry it out. Since it's smoked just warm it in the oven and heat up your apple sauce seperate and slice and serve the sauce on top. Hope this helps.

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