Back in the saddle

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Aug 3, 2015
Alexandria, VA
Back in the saddle:
Big neighborhood bbq/smoke contest in 2 weeks. It’s been a while, & new equipment….besides trusty Webber kettle. Traded in MES 40 for Traeger. It’s my fifth go at my new Traeger, for the price I’m thinking I should’ve stuck with the MES. Used the Amaz-n pellet tray to add more smoke flavor this time, it worked well for additional smoke flavor.
10 pnd pork butt with Memphis dust in smoker at 225 degrees 2300 last night:
From SMF I went and bought some lumber Jack pellets instead of Traeger. Full hopper. Decent smoke, went until 1300 the next day, wrapped and rested in cooler. Then fired up Webber kettle for two Tri tips. I found a local butcher who can get me the West coast cut. SPOG for tritip. Also did a roasted red pepper sauce for Tri tip. 4 min each side direct, 18 minutes indirect heat till hit 125 IT. Then rested while the guys showed up.

pulled pork got JJs finishing sauce. Everyone enjoyed the PP….vinegar based slaw and finishing sauce new to them. So was the Tri tip, lots of good feedback there too.

feeling a bit more confident, but….three events to be judged, 80 pounds of butt on a dang Traeger and four kettles? This will be brutal.


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Any advice for 80 pounds of pork butt on a Traeger….may get an Oklahoma joe to double the capacity and add more flexibility besides relying on a chip board.
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