baby back rib suggestions please

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Nov 7, 2021
New to the smokin it. First batch of baby back ribs I cooked at 225. Tenderness and flavor were very good. Basic salt and pepper rub.

Color and lack of bark not what I like. Second batch cooked at 275, got better color, but didn't cook long enough.

My question is this. Would you suggest cooking at 225 first then finishing off at 275 to give better bark? Or color them up at 275 then turn down to 225 and get them tender. I have never used paper to finish off meat.. and in the smokin it they stay so moist... don't wrap at all.

What do you think??
I'd set it at 275 and let it ride. The tenderness isn't coming from what temp they are cooked at. It's coming from what temp you pull them at. 195 for bite through and 200+ for fall off the bone. I cook them at 225 in my pellet smoker for extra smoke. But on the kettle or WSM I run them at 275
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