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At what temp dose cured meat bind together?


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I fully understand to cook any meat cured with cure #1 to 152 degs. Then there is the whole pasteurization in a suvid using a chart and holding at lower temps for a period of time. Dry cured with cure #2 is never cooked but rather use salt, dehydration and bacteria to kill all the nasty stuff. My question is not about the processes of making cured meats safe to eat but rather when dose the meat turn from a sticky meat past into a solid mass of meat. I dont ask this with the intention of skipping the safety of killing harmful bacteria. Just trying to find out if it is the cooking or the fermentation of the meat that binds it together.


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Dry cured meats (using cure #2) that forgo cooking are held together through enzymatic action breaking down the meat proteins, and moisture loss...

Sausages that are hot smoked (using cure #1) bind together at around 130~135*... interestingly enough, the stall hits around 140* which is when meat proteins start tightening up and squeeze water out of the cells...

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