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    Hi All,

    its been a while since I have posted on the forum-  been busy with work/school- and of course bbq.  Judged my first contest of the year this past weekend :)

    Anyways a friend of mine is a tree cutter.  He hooks me up with bbq wood and I hook him up with chicken & ribs.  Anyways he recently cut down an old growth apple tree (cut it 3 or so weeks ago) and split it up and is looking to sell the wood. 

    Pictured below there are three stacks of Apple, cut to 12" length.  He is asking 50$ a stack.  Also pictured in the back is a stack of maple.

    He also regularly has a lot of oak and hickory cut to fire log lengths.  Jeff is a pretty knowledgeable guy about the trees he cuts down and he knows what wood he has, how old it is etc.  He has also told me he has a lot of access to black cherry as well.

    So if your interested give Jeff Emerling a call  248-312-eight five six six.   Approximate location is 9 Mile and Orchard Lake Roads.  Delivery is available.

    Till next time,

    Ryan, aka cityofvoltz


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