Apology To All My SMF Friends

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Glad your back Robert!
Seems like I’m busy all the time too, & I’ve been retired since I was 59. Way to hang in there & get er done!!
The mice will play. When the cats away.

Good to have ya back
Glad you are back, was wondering . Maybe an early fall vacation

Good you are finally getting back on track ( it was not a train, lol )
we missed you , but you are back , and it was not for major family issues, so that is good.
Thanks so much David. I wasn't sure about that train for a while as every day I felt like I'd been hit by one :emoji_wink: I still have a lot of vacation racked up and am considering taking a trip to hook up with more forum friends but am kinda scared what I might come home to. your sentiments are appreciated but all is well here...except for the aforementioned insanity :emoji_laughing:

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The good news is you did get a vacation Robert! Nobody picking up the slack in your absence is flat inexcusable.
Thank you Matt and I agree. I've been doing this for the company since they started up 8 years ago. You'd think with that much time and all the counseling I did before I left, at least some of the stuff would have gotten taken care of...but nope. As noted, I was absolutely livid when I saw the schedule my first day back.

I was absolutely livid and almost quit right there on the spot

...quitting was not an option.
As Vince Lombardi said, "Winners never quit and quitters never win."

When I was trying to get my captain's license, there was one of the 4 tests that was very difficult and I failed the practice tests over and over and over again. Got really frustrated and was ready to just quit because it wasn't worth the stress that I was going through. But my wife said she had never seen me quit anything, fail...yes, but quit...no. With that and my determination, I persevered and stayed the course.

Glad to see you back, Robert...
Life has its ups and downs. No body knows any better that I after the year I had in 2021. Just dig in and mve forward you will find me and some others on your as roadblocks.

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