Anyone making HAMS ????

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  1. I see a lot of discussion on BACON but not much at all on ham. I tried ham some years ago and was not encouraged by the result and have not tried it since. Mine were country hams and I guess they were OK by country ham standards. I was trying to get something more similar to what we buy as a spiral cut ham. Has anyone tried making just a nice table ham with good results ???? I think I'm ready to give it another go and with the help of the experience found on this forum I hope to find a recipe for superior results.

    As a side note, I was traveling in Spain back in November and tried their hams. The Serano Ham. Boy were they good. Now that's something to work on making too. They are along the lines of a country style ham. I don't think they are smoked, but not sure.

    Roger in NJ [​IMG] Retired USAF ( just like the tank )
  2. I might make some if I can find some green hams for a good price. I checked one place last year and they could get me a case for about 16c a pound. I think it was two hams per case...I'm a fan of the country ham. Especially when its aged. Its almose like priccuito(sp) then.

    There is a place about five miles up the road here that makes them, Finchville Farms Country Ham. Every year around Derby there is an auction where different places put up hams up to be judged and auctioned. I'm not sure how many blue ribbons they have won. At auction they've gone for the price of a new car...Its crazy.
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    I just did a maple bourbon ham for New Years that was the best I have ever tasted. It was posted here by John 3198, he added the recipe later in the thread. I would highly recommend it.

    Here the thread:

    Hope you like it as much as we did.
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    Hey, folks!

    Funny this thread should just now start up. We were just discussing this coming year's activities on our farm and definitely about four or five feeder pigs are gonna happen.

    The plan is to do everything thing here from start to finish. I have done bacon several different ways but never a ham. I will be on the lookout for some brines, wet and dry, and brining techniques.

    Good news is that high speed internet is on its way to my neighborhood. So by the time I get my summer projects off the ground I will also be able to properly post pics....finally. Really want to share our little slice of heaven here with y'all.

    We will also be processing lambs, chickens and turkeys all grown naturally right here.

    So, let's keep this thread goin' and see what we can come up with. I'm all ears (and appetite!)

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    This was lost in the crash, I have reposted it. This will make a ham similar to the store bought spiral cut you indicate you like.

    Ham guide
  7. Thanks B. That's a good lookin ham. Bet it tastes a good as it looks. Maybe one day some computer geek can develope taste-a-view so we can try it out on line. Maybe someday, a few years back whooda thought about the internet !!!

    Is your process top secret or would you be willing to share ????

    Bye the way, what part of Western Colo. are you in ????? I have a friend in Craig. Haven't been out that way in awhile, maybe this will be the year.

    Roger in NJ (USAF fully retired, Ha)
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    I have done a couple of hams and I didn't cure or brine them I just threw them into the smoker and let it rip. The family looked at it alittle oddly me saying it was ham and it was a grey color not the usual pink in color. BUt when they ate it all was fine and they shut up and didn't say a work for theor mouthes were full of ham. Now that is a really nice job and tutorial you did their Bbally and I will try it soon enough.
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    I did one for xmas. I just used the standard wet brine.salt sugar,cure and allspice amts. depend on how much water you need to cover the ham. I put the ham in the brining container covered it with water, then weighed the water made the brine and left hamin for 8 days. Planned on using the bradley to finish but could not due to weather. Froze it quickly and then into the oven after thawing with a honey orange glaze was the best I have ever eaten my family said the same. Piker
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    I will dig it out. Another casualty of the crash. I will repost it for you.

    I am in Grand Junction, I know Craig well as I hunt and fish all over the western slope.
  11. Thanks, that would be nice if you could. I'm not a hunter but my friend in Craig is. That is when he can get the tags. Haven't talked to him in awhile either. Have to do that one day soon.

    We're in a pretty cold spell here in the northeast but I guess you guys are in a deep freeze out there. Enjoy

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