Anybody keep bees?

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Mar 6, 2009
The AG center is offering a course on beginning beekeeping close to the house and I thought I would attend a couple of classes.  Don't know if it is something I want to yet but it could be fun.

Anyone keep bees? 

I don't but I do love unboiled honey..uh huh!!

I don't Al but it does interest me I think one of my neighbors recently got a hive and is trying his hand at it
I looked into it a couple of times and found out it's not as easy as it looks. There's quite a bit of work involved and some expense as well. I had a friend who used to keep bees & we would transport the hives in my van. I had bees flying around in there for days. But the fresh honey is hard to beat.
Hey Al,

     I have gotten rid of them but I used to have bees for years. My Dad had them since I was a child and I kept them most of my life. So I had more that a few years working with them. There is a little work involved but I think you will find them very enjoyable. And the honey is wonderful. The biggest problem that beekeepers are now facing is pests and parasites. There is a mite that somehow got imported and along with a virus is about to wipe out the domestic population. The Italian bees are probably the most popular and very easy to manage.

     I really like your approach .... take the classes, learn as much as you can and then get some bees. Also, it's great to make friends with those you meet in class as well as others who are knowledgeable about bees. It's good to have people to talk to about problems etc. Good luck!!!
Thanks for the advice everyone.  Louisiana has lost 98 percent of our wild honeybee population so  there is a bit of an effort to get the hobby going again.  I know that I see more carpenter bees and bumblebees in my fruit trees and garden then I see honeybees.  I read one publication that Louisiana hives can be expected to produce 115 lbs of honey a year.   Maintaining two or three hives would be enough honey for everyone I know.

I'll post anything particularly interesting from the classes.

Hey al,

 If you decide to get started let me know . There's a bunch of unused hives stacked up on an old place over by me . I can see if they are still in workable order and see about getting some.
Eman,   Like I said plenty of honey for family and friends so I hope you have a sweet tooth.

I noticed some regs about buying used hives, need to ask in the class what they are and what to look for,


Hey Al,

Get the Africanized honey bees---Better producers!  

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