Any Tips for a Mammoth Sized Pork Loin-Bone In

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It's all good. I learn from members like you and so many others here every day. Best part of SMF...JJ
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all you advice and tips.

This was a super easy relaxed cook. Took 4h05m in total.
Managed to kelp the burner at an average of around 245f.

Used Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Power and a tad of paprika.
Uused 4 chunks of Hickory and 1x Chunk of Birch.

Pulled at 139f Probe 1 and 140f Probe 2.
One of our guest said she would not be able to eat if the meat was pink.
I would say it was cooked medium for the end pieces, and a tad over medium rare for the middle.

The result was mind blowing.
The meat was fantastic. Juicy, tender, flavoursome, well smoked, plenty of meat.

Super happy with the results.

20210722_195017.jpg 20210722_201339.jpg 20210722_201345.jpg
Congrats and the Pork looks great. There are still a lot of Old School folks that were taught Pink Pork will give you Worms!😂 But times are changing, 140ish Pink Pork is Safe and you don't need quarts of Gravy to choke it down!...JJ
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