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    Very new to smoking, I have  30" eletri and i want to do them in the smoker but havent a clue as to what i should try as far as recipeor if i should brine them or an injector... im very new to this and like in the Army Keep It Simple Stupid applies to me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting started. Smoke well...
  2. wipper36

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    LMAO chicken thighs!!!!!
  3. sprky

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    LOL It would be helpful if we knew what you were going to smoke. If it is poultry I say brine it and then if you like you can also inject it. You can also brine pork, as well as inject.

    VERY IMPORTANT if you do inject you must get the IT(internal temp) to 140 within 4 hours.


    Disregard the strike threw I started this post and had to leave the puter for a bit, and you posted what you were smoking. 
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    Thighs are going to be a bit easier then breasts or whole chickens.  They tend to stay pretty moist.  It doesn't hurt to brine them so if you are not running out of time to get fed, go a head and brine them.   In my opinion you can start the chicken in the smoker at a lower chamber temp  240 - 250 or so but you may want to crank the temp up to 300 toward the end to crisp then up a bit.

    Good luck and let us know how theya are doing.  I don't remember if I have welcomed you to the forum yet so   Welcome to SMF

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