Any Chance at a Turkey Cook Time Sticky Post?

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Dec 30, 2016
Moderators, is there any chance we could get a sticky post with some Turkey cooking times on it?
Yes, the post should surely indicate that IT of the Turkey is the thing to cook by.
However for planning purposes it is helpful for people to know when to start and at what temp to expect to be done. The US holiday of Thanksgiving often means people hosting meals at a certain time or having to travel to a Thanksgiving meal at a certain time. This means putting together a plan based on time and hinges on the turkey being done :)

Anyhow, I found the following turkey cooking info at 325F from the USDA site:
Timetables for Turkey Roasting
(325 °F oven temperature)

Use the timetables below to determine how long to cook your turkey. These times are approximate. Always use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of your turkey and stuffing.


I found the following info on another site for turkey at 250F:
(Disclaimer: it is best to follow USDA guidelines where the info at 250F was not pulled from the USDA site)

The chart below works when the turkey is started at 475F for 20 min and then the temp is dropped to 250F. This is means people would need to start in an oven and transfer to a smoker to follow this chart exactly.


Going between the two approaches someone should have a decent understanding of the time needed between 250F and 325F which should cover the range of smokers used here (electric <275F, all other types of smokers generally >275F)

Anyhow, just some food for thought as it seems this time of year there is a huge influx of turkey time questions. I'm thinking a sticky would be nice to refer the new smokers too like some of the other helpful posts that exist on this great site!

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