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  1. I posted a thread earlier, as I considered upgrading from a foodsaver to a chamber type sealer.  Eventually I talked myself into the purchase.  I was considering the VP112 initially, but finally settled on the VP210--I felt it would be sturdier and liked the double seal strip (plus it looks really cool)...

    I searched the net and talked to Lisa at VSU.  The bad news is, she's not the cheapest game in town, and the discounts posted on this forum do not apply to the VacMaster line (bags OR machines).  The price difference (for the machine) between VSU and another place I considered (a reputable internet business that you'll easily find if you care to look around) was about $100, or 10%. my searching, I found some complaints about shipping damage with the company online.  I talked with Lisa, who was very helpful, very upfront about her price point and the reasoning behind it.  My short answer--I bought her explanation.  She's a smaller business who likely doesn't get the same discounts as the big guys, she pays extra for great shipping and has never delivered a damaged machine, and she offers unbelievable customer service (I'm not saying company 'X' doesn't--I'm just sayin').  She wasn't upset or defensive, she understood if I needed to go with the other guys (because of price) and hoped that I'd still consider her for my bag needs in the future.  I really don't have the time or patience to deal with a damaged machine and Lisa was very impressive, so I chose to use VSU. 

    I placed my order on Jul 3 and it arrived Jul 19--that's over two weeks, but only eleven business days (don't forget 4th of July).  So, a little longer than I would prefer, but still what I consider reasonable. I also ordered some bags from VSU, as I had no idea what the VP210 teaser/'sample pack' would include.  I ordered the bags on July 10th (afternoon) and received them on the 16th--four business days, entirely reasonable.  Shipping was a bit high at $15 bucks for the thousand bags I ordered, but after receiving them I see why--pretty heavy.  VSU price was essentially the same as (though other sizes I looked at appeared cheaper than) company 'X'. 

    So...the VP210 arrived on the 19th.  It arrived in perfect condition.  And it looks great, the pics on the net don't do it justice--very good fit and finish.  That was just a couple of days ago, so I haven't had much time to  play with it--but so far, it seems to do what it's supposed to.  It does require a bit of adjustmnet (you must set seal time, cool time, vac time) and I've read some net reviews complaining about the complexity of this process.  You gotta be kiddin' me...let's just say if you can smoke a 'Q', these settings will be a walk in the park.  The sample bags were also a pleasant suprise...three sizes were sent and there were about 25 bags of each size.  More than enough to get started and get a feel for what one would need.

    The bottom line?

    I'm pleased with VSU and Lisa in particular (thanks for all your help!!); I would and will use them exclusively in the forseeable future (provided they maintain their high standards, of course--but I'm not really worried on that count).

    I bought the VP210 because I plan on doing a lot of vacuu-sealing, so I should know more about its performance soon--if ya'll have any questions, don't hesitate to post!
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    Thanks for your helpful review

    The extra $100 for the machine is the price differential on our shipping costs. My competitors ship via FedEx or UPS basic ground shipping, where the box bounces around in the back of the truck.

    All of our machines are strapped to a pallet, delivered via freight truck, and handled very gently. My average cost to deliver the machine this way is about $120 more than ground shipping.

    I realized that I was going to lose sales by charging more, but I thought about it and decided that I'd rather sell less machines and make less money than deliver damaged equipment to my customers.

    So, that's the long explanation on the shipping, for all of you who read the review and wondered what the difference is between their shipping and ours. :biggrin:

    Thanks again for the review. I look forward to speaking with you next time.
  3. Supercenterchef, I am the social media coordinator for ARY, Inc, makers of VacMaster.   Thank you for your comments on the VacMaster.  I know you'll love the VP210!  And if you have any questions, I'm sure Lisa will be able to help you a lot, as they're great folks at Vacuum Sealers Unlimited!  Also, feel free to check out our Facebook page at and like us there.  We post useful tips, pictures, videos, etc. and you can contact VacMaster directly if you need something.

  4. Jeff, I'm honored by your notice!  I didn't know you folks were watching--almost glad you didn't see the PM's I sent Lisa in advance of favorite quote labelled the VP210 an "ostentatious display of industrial technology"--a good thing in my book :)

    I've now had a bit longer to experiment with the product and I continue to enjoy it.  It seems to require a lot less 'fiddling' than the foodsaver types, I just put the bag in the chamber, close the lid and start stuffing the next bag while the sealer does its magic--all the while maintaining a consistent seal (the foodsaver would overheat after about ten bags or so).  The only thing I've had to be a bit more careful with was bag placement, if you're not careful wrinkles can creep into the seal...

    One reason I was interested in the chamber sealers was the ability to seal liquids--I've experimented a bit with marinating chicken sealed with the VP210, it's all gone off smoothly and without problems!

    I remember from my original thread that several of you were looking into chamber sealers...if you've got any questions for me just post!
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    Very informative, thanks for the info!
  6. Could you give us an update please now that you've had a few months with this machine?
  7. Sorry it took me so long to reply...I'd be happy to!

    First, let me describe my usage:  I'm still basically sealing steaks and BBQ.  I recently enrolled in (an online) culinary school and so haven't had the time to experiment with various vacuum settings (for instance, as described in Kellers 'Under Pressure').

    For what I've used it for, it has earned my highest works so well that sealing food is no longer a variable I have to worry about in cooking.  In fact the only other equipment to be recommended so well, is my Thermapen :)

    There have been no equpiment problems and as I read my previous review, I couldn't have said it better than...
    In short, I continue to be enamoured with my VP210; and with the cheaper bag costs compared to a foodsaver, I'm using it a lot more and enjoying experimenting with my leftovers, etc!
  8. Thank you very much for the update. [​IMG]
  9. After my old Foodsaver vacuum sealer jumped out of the cupboard and broke the prong that activates the switch and finding out that replacement parts weren't available I decided to purchase a new vacuum sealer from this site's advertiser, Vacuum Sealers Unlimited.  I called Lisa and decided that the VacMaster Pro 110 would fit my needs.  It arrived about a week later and I experienced several failed seals.  A call to Lisa then calls to ARY (the Manufacturer) failed to resolve the problem and I was advised to return it to the factory with an authorized return number. I shipped it off and  last week ordered the VacMaster Pro 140.  It arrived today and it works flawlessly.  I like the fact that I can adjust the sealing time and it has a double strip for sealing which is also easily replaced.  I can't finish this review without mentioning that Lisa does not need a customer service person or department because no-one could out do her customer service.  Too bad more businesses don't have someone like her.  Just a quick side note.  Today I repackaged several packages of frozen meat that had failed seals and used Lisa'a bags, VacMaster bags, and Food Saver bags.  All three brands sealed without any problems.  Thanks Lisa
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    I stumbled across this thread and am now interested in purchasing a vacuum sealer.  I have been on a cold smoking cheese kick for the past couple weeks.  I think this would work out better than the plastic wrap/resealable sandwich bag packs I'm currently using.  Plus using them for marinading sounds like some fun.

    I wonder, could these also be used for leftovers that could be reheated in boiling water?
  11. The short answer is yes


    the manufacturer doesn't recommend boiling the standard bags (though many people on this forum do it successfully for short periods of to reheat food) IIRC.  Lisa also has bags specifically made for boiling foods for longer times--check her site out!
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      Stumbled across this post while looking for thermometer info.  I gotta say, I'm in the market for a new sealer and I'll definitely be looking for Lisa B when the time comes!  I believe you get what you pay for, and you just can't put a price on service!  In my many years of business, my motto was always "under promise, over deliver".  Thanks for the informative thread!
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    Hi everyone,

    It's time for the April discount code for all Smoking Meat Forum members....

    Save 10% off all of your FoodSaver supplies and our VacMaster vacuum sealing residential equipment.

    Just enter  SM413  at checkout and the discount will automatically be appliedThis code is good through April 30,2013.

    We also carry chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!

    Take care, and thanks for your business! [​IMG]

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    Hi everyone,

    The weather is warming up and more people are outside smoking! The April discount code expired, and I want to give all my Smoking Meat forum members the new discount code. The new code is valid through May 31, 2013.

    Save 10% off all of your FoodSaver supplies and our VacMaster vacuum sealing residential equipment.

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    We also carry chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!

    Take care, and thanks for your business! [​IMG]

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    Thanks Lisa!  I love what I have gotten from you!

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    Hi everyone,

    Hunting season and cooler weather is here.  I hope that everyone is enjoying a good start to autumn.

    The September discount code expired, and I want to give all my Smoking Meat forum members the new discount code. The new code is valid through October 31, 2013.

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    We also carry chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!

    Take care, and thanks for your business! [​IMG]

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    I had a side pump vacuum sealer for a long time for my salmon and cheese but a few months ago I moved to a chamber sealer with a twin seal. It was a great move. If you get the chance to move to a chamber unit they are more expensive but in my opinion well worth it.
  18.   That is a great review Supercenterchef. It  encouraged me to make the jump. [​IMG]  I just ordered a VP115 from Lisa. I am so excited . It's a   " Merry Christmas to me" present- I've been wishing for one since I joined this  great forum.  So to get it, I found things around the shop and house I no longer cared about, sold them , and put the $ toward something really useful- my VP115, plus it will save a lot on preserving food better than the zips.  :)   Happy, happy - I turned my junk into something really useful and, by selling it and getting the VP115!!

     Also, I  was pleased with the answers to all my questions that Lisa B gives. She does know her products. I'll be a loyal customer  :)  .     judy
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    You will love your new VP115, Judy! Thanks again for the order. [​IMG]

  20. I have been buying from Lisa for sometime now. Her bags are heavy and good quality. Buy with confidence.

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