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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by kryinggame, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Hello all, I'm about to add the Weber Mastertouch 22 to my arsenal.  My main baby is my 18" WSM.  Flo has had many of good smokes in her belly over the last couple of years.  

    Here's my issue.  The Mastertouch comes with the charcoal Fuel holder. I'm thinking that If I want to do a light smoke, I can throw some wood chips on top and have the fuel holders set up in indirect position. Bingo, I'm smoking...  

    Based on this assumption, what's the advantage of purchasing a smokenator?  Does the smokenator do anything different from what I just described?

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    The only difference is the Smokenator has a water pan for temp control & is enclosed other than two holes on each side to add more charcoal or chips! IMO, do the holders with the minion method & a couple chunks of wood stirred in with the charcoal.
  3. I use the use the Smokenator and love it. It's used for smoking or just indirect cooking. You can place food almost right up next to the edge, which allows more room to cook. You can use it with or without the water pan depending on what you're cooking. I place the pan on top which allows room for more charcoal.
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    PapaDon, I have and used the Smokenator.... It's a useful tool for sure ! Your spot on with what ya say... The only thing is I bought the Smokenator back when for a price I'm not sure I'd buy it for today.... That being said, it is useful but the OP said the new grill had a set of charcoal holders... IMO, I would use them instead of the Smokenator.... Unless it came down in price a bunch....

    Great discussion !
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  6. Weber makes some great stuff. That gourmet system looks nice. I checked it out at Ace Hardware. There seems to be a lot of options. I wasn't aware there was a "Mastertouch" grill. Other than the gourmet grate what else does it offer?

    Another accessory I was checking out recently was the Mojoe griddle for the 22" Webers. It's very pricey and not worth it but looks cool. Check it out on You Tube.

    Have fun with your new grill.
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    The Mastertouch is an upgrade from the Gold edition.  Weber used to produce the mastertouch here in the U.S. but stopped in the 90's (I think) and only produced overseas.  It's now re-introduced into the U.S. market.

    Earlier today, I had a good conversation with the folks at Weber regarding the new 2015 product line.  I'm going to stick with Weber parts instead of any aftermarket accessory.  PapaDon, you're looking at a Mojoe griddle.  Well, Weber sells a griddle for $40.00.  The key is, they're pushing the Mastertouch line because it comes with the Gourmet BBQ grate. The center of the grate can be removed and will fit numerous different pieces: pizza stone; griddle; wok, etc., etc., etc...

    I''m probably going to pick it up next week.  Man, I can't wait.

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