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Joined Jan 18, 2017
I am so new to this I know nothing about smoking, other than I like to eat good smoked meat.  So if I ask to many questions don't get to annoyed with me please.  I have wanted to learn this for a long time but could never seem to find the time or the money to invest in this,  then recently a local sports chain (won't say where because don't know if its allowed)  had a clearance sale on the Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker for a pretty good price and got it.  Just a couple days ago I did the pre-season on it, so now what?  I love to collect recipes to the point my daughter gets aggravated with me and tells me I don't need anymore because I have enough, lol.  She just don't get me!  I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  Only 3 of us in my home until all the grands arrive, then it get crazy around here.   I live in Georgia, love to hunt and fish and of course cook.  Trying to eat more healthy without sacrificing flavor.  I did sign up for the 5 day course a few minutes ago, excited about that.   Nice to meet everyone and hope to learn lots from you guys.


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Welcome to the forum Trudy!

Glad to have you join us!



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Welcome trudy! 
 Sounds like you are off in the right direction! 
 keep us all posted with pics of your progress if you can? We all like to see pics of good smoked meats!


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Welcome to SMF. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here and everyone is easygoing. If it were me, I would pick a meat, say pork and play with it awhile. There is a sub forum Pork that has loads of info about techniques and ingredients for rubs and the like. There is also a Recipies sub. Poke around, go buy a pork shoulder or some ribs and jump in the deep end. Remember to take pictures of the process , it will help us here diagnose if something goes wrong or make a lot of mouths water when it goes right.




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lol, will try an take pics, new computer I have to break in and learn. thanks for the welcome ya'll. I will be checking out those other areas on here.


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If you like pulled pork, I'd start there. It is almost impossible to ruin a pork butt, and you will learn about your smoker in the process. Look through the threads or ask here in your own thread and you will get some excellent advice and recipes. Don't be confused by conflicting advice, many of us produce excellent food but do it in various ways. I would avoid the advice that says "this is the only way to do it". There are some basic safety rules, but beyond that, there is a host of ways to make excellent BBQ and smoked food. Welcome!


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thanks, the one thing I really wanted to make is the venison bacon which I found on here. I tried some from a local taxidermy shop and it was wonderful. So I figured I can do it to, but of course it wouldn't cost me what he was charging. He has a commercial smoker. So that was the beginning of what I now have in the smoker. I figured if it didn't turn out right I'm not out of much $ and have gained some experience in this new world I have found.

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  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum from a pretty nice day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of          great people with tons of information on just about everything.


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