Another Masterbuilt guy who can't regulate temp!!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by 4nap, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. 4nap

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    Hello all, I have a MB Pro gasser and struggling with maintaining constant temps, temps will rise and fall- I am using electric thermometers so I never open the doors. I have: built a wind dam, larger water pan, using iron skillet with foil over chunks, crammed foil in door gaps to prevent air leaks ( have gasket kit ordered) going to buy a new regulator/needle valve today! I use a mirror under my smoker to view the flame and it doesn't seem to change (flame is a little yellow-going to try to get it more air). I live in SoCal so outside weather is not a factor. Seems there are many folks out there with the same problem!! Do u just have to be lucky? Or can this be fixed. I'm tired of sitting next to my smoker adjusting the gas.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Install the needle valve and that should do it. I smoked on my MB Pro over the weekend in direct sun with weather over 85F and keeping the smoker at 250F was possible with the needle valve. 
  3. mummel

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    What are your temp swings?
  4. 4nap

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    I can have 20+ degree temp swings.  After this am posting I did purchase a bayou regulator with needle valve, installed it and after some fumbling with needle valve and vents, I could get to my target of 225 degrees + or -  5 degrees ran it empty for 2 hours and all is good.  Next time Im going to fire it up with some smoke and meat and hope for the best.
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    I started smoking with a masterbuilt propane and something I learned is that a temp swing of 20 degrees or so is really not going to hurt anything. It seems drilled into everyone's head that temps have to be dialed in in order to make good BBQ. The sooner I realized that that wasn't true the less frustrating it got. It is difficult to keep low temps in the warm weather so that needle valve will definitely help you out but again, try 275ish for smoking which will also yield great results for ribs, butts, roasts, and brisket.
  6. 4nap

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    Thanks all, this is a great site, quick replies, all to help out!!  Will update when I get the gasket kit....hopefully I can put this temp issue to rest and start learning how to smoke.


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