Angle of stove pipe question

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Nov 30, 2013
Hampton, Va
Does the angle of my stove pipe from my SFB and CC make an enormous difference? I am building a unit similar to ATCNick's but the area my firebox will sit seems to flood a lot. If I elevated the SFB a little and irrigated it will be fine but might have to route the pipe down and back up.
How extreme of a dip are you talking?  A couple of inches or in feet?

Since you will basically have a small fire in the box to generate smoke, the main smoke chamber will (should) act like a big chimney and should provide draft for you and that will assist in making up for a few ups and downs in the piping...

Now, I am assuming that you are talking about Nick's cold smoker that he built...

Keep this in mind, when our ancestors started smoking meat, they didn't have all of the information we do now; it worked for them...

The main thing to keep in mind is that heat wants to rise due to physics and will find a way to do so.  Now, in its journey to rise, it may get blocked a bit and create a hot spot, but the heat will continue until the hotspot is undercut and the heat finds a way out if the route is open.

Now, the next argument is; well I'm cold smoking so there's no heat....  Well, if it's smoke, it is heat and will find a way to rise...

I'd say build it as you can, try and keep it as unobstructed as possible, and see how it goes...

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