And so it begins

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I'm planning on going into the ground Thursday. Monday and Tuestday night are forecast to be right at freezing. If we get another freeze I will just cover.

First year I've used the fans for the entire growth, and I do think the plants have not gotten as tall and leggy this year. They're sort've a PITA , but I think its worth the investment.

good luck on the cooler weather.

Our average date of last freeze is March 29th. But it seems we always have a late freeze before the end of April. It won't be a hard freeze though, it will be just below 32*. I've not seen anything under 28*.

I have 5 gallon buckets that do a good job of getting me through them. I also have row cover matierial if I need it.

But also, they don't do a lot till soil temps get over 60*. So it doesn't always help. I like to get them out of the house though, easier to take care of in the ground.
Lookin' good.

I have a ways to go. Last freeze day here is May 27.
Plants are just an inch to 3 inches high so far.
I was gonna go in the ground today, but rain yesterday may've made the garden too muddy. Depends on how fast it dries out.

But if not today, tomorrow and our 9 Day forecast looks good ............

Garden had dried out by noon. Got 24 plants in the ground. Weatherman is saying 37* next Tuesday night. Gonna sweat that it doesn't get any colder.

The plastic wrap is just to protect them from wind until they get established. We're gonna get 20 to 30 mph today with higher gusts.

People ask why I plant so many, and that's cause I never know what the weather will be like in May and June, which is my window for production. I raise them from seed, so why not.

When I tilled, I left a row of my winter cover, rye grass, for the rabbit that lives under my shed. He fed on the rye all winter. I would see him out there early every morning. Yeah, I've turned into an old softie. I left him enough to get through the rest of the winter, but that row is going to become peppers and cucumbers.

Next to the house is my cilantro bed that is currently bolting.

Next step is to rig the irrigation system and drive T-Posts beside the cages and fasten them with cable ties.

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