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  1. Calling all AMNPS and AMNS user's...Which one of these two units is the cheapest to operate as far as dust or pellet consumption is concerned.???
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    SS, evening....  You are probably looking at less than a dollar a day on either one.... The AMNPS will burn both types of fuel.... The AMNPS, with pellets, will burn longer due to the density of the fuel.... probably 8-12 hours depending on conditions.... the dust burns cooler....  Considering the great smoke they produce and great flavor of the meat, to me, cost is no object....  Great smoked food is worth the cost....    Dave 
  3. Thanks Dave...I'll go with the AMNPS since it burns both types and the pellets are more economical per pound when compared to the dust...Bout to get it ordered...Picked up about 20 lbs of pork bellies this morning and have some of it curing. Looking forward to using this little smoking apparatus!

    - Riley
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    I would recommend you also get some dust for cold smoking. The dust burns cooler and is better for things like cheese and cold smoking bacon 
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    Very good advise !!!!!!
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    I just received my AMNS and I use the dust, Just like Scarbelly said it depends on what you will be using it for,  if you want to do true cold smoking then I feel the dust is better because of the low temp that it burns at, but if you do a little bit of both you might want to try the AMNPS.  Also, someone else mentioned this that you can buy pellets from local stores, where the only place I can find the dust is through Todd.  I will always recommend that you buy through Todd @ A-MAZE-N Products, but if you are in a last minute pinch then you will be able to find pellets locally.  Hope this helps.

    Big Lew BBQ

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