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  1. Hey guys,

    First want to thank everyone for all their contributions to the forum. It has made an intimidating topic (first time smoking) and made it understandable and doable. First off I have a Masterbuilt Propane Verticle smoker with the propane needle valve mod and the AMNPS 12". I based those decisions on what I found in the forum. I did the seasoning process last week. In the preparation for a pork but tomorrow I decided to give my smoker a couple hour run tonight. Temps held easily around 250 degrees and the AMNPS was fairly easy to light. In an attempt to determine if I was making too much smoke I took a few pics and wanted to see what you guys thought. It seemed to smoke a bit more at the end but it did seem a little more than I was expecting.

  2. Is your pellet smoker the tray or tube? AMNPS is tray, you said 12" I think you meant AMNTS. If so the tube produces more smoke than the tray. I have the 5"X8" AMNPS and the 18" AMNTS. Love 'em both!

    From your photo, it doesnt seem like too much smoke in the second picture. The first, well the light is showing all of it, hard to say for sure. Thin and blue is what your wanting. Be sure to post some Q-View of your cook!
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  3. Thanks so much.... yes I have the tube. Got my acronyms messed up. The smoke was more white than blue but it seemed thin. I am using the hickory from cooling

    Here is the Butt from tonight....

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  4. dr k

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    I put one and a quarter cups of pellets in the 12" AMNTS so it's level from one end to the other.  I'm always wondering when people are concerned about too much smoke with AMNTS if they are filling it all the way up. 


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