Already thinking about next smoke (Deer)

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Jan 4, 2014
Mayo, MD
I have a brisket and whole chicken on the smoker today for the Capitals game (pics later) and my neighbor just dropped of a deer hind quarter out of the blue. So I am thinking next weekend I will try to smoke it but I have never smoked a hind quarter before.

Any experiences with this? I assume Brine is in order

Thanks, J.T.
I prefer boning out the leg and separating the muscle groups. Then for variety I can corn some, smoke some as pastrami, and also do a Canadian bacon style. Soup with the roasted leg bone and shank plus any small bits of meat.
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I've done deer meat relatively recently (backstrap and leg roasts) on a grill, wrapped in bacon and they turned out fantastic.  I grilled them until they felt medium to the touch, I didn't use a temperature probe.

A couple of years ago, my father in law gave me a deer roast.  I marinated it in a spicy marinade overnight and I brought it to a coworker's house.  He smoked it, along with a brisket and pork butt, and it turned out very well.  He just tossed it in along with everything else and took no special precautions and the result was great.  If I remember correctly, it was a little  on the dry side, but otherwise very good.  

Based on my results on the grill and with my coworkers smoker, I'd maybe brine the meat, wrap it in bacon, and put it in the smoker.  I'd use a temperature probe and aim for 165°F or so.  Due to the low fat content, I'd definitely wrap it in bacon.
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Thanks for the info, I think I have a game plan. Deer roast, Pops Brine, a spicy rub, cover in bacon and smoke @225 until Done 165-175.Follow up next weekend
  Hi Chesapeake. If you are already using Pop's brine to cure the meat, and you have the time, try a long low temp smoke to 140 IT. Check out my post today 'cured venison roast' . Tender and moist!

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