Alcohol might have been involved

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Dec 17, 2019
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I hope everybody haqd a great Christmas celebration, and apologies if this is a double post .I scored two rib roasts from Publixwhen they were $6.99/lb. both about 5.lbs. For a change I decided to use my Napoleon rotisserie with the rear infrared burner. it was also the first "real-world" test for my Inkbirdbbq Inkbirdbbq INT-11P-b wireless bluetooth thermometer. Made a fresh batch of SPG and put a good layer on all sides the night before. At noon it was time to stab it and get it spinning. I did place a probe from my I-BBQ-4T just under the rotisserie to make sure my chamber temps were ok since i was only using the rear infrared and no bottom burners. Stopped the spin at 220 and let her rest on the spit. I was a little worried about a slight over cook. Anyhow, for an inexpensive cut of beef from Publix it was fork tender. Since it was just me amd Mama we have plenty left to slice very thin for Philly cheese in the upcoming days. Photography skilsl could have been affected by multiple Black Russian smoothies consumed thru the process.


Wow, that is 5 lbs. of awesomeness! Cooked to perfection. I wish someone else in my family liked med rare beef.
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Publix will quite likely have that sale going again this week due to New Years Day coming up.

At least here in the Winston-Salem area they'll give you a whole rib section at that price if you ask. Or anything up to the whole rib section. The whole section is 7 bones and usually they are 18-20#. Ask them to trim them up first and it'll save you paying for a pound or more that needs to be trimmed away anyway.

They cut the bones off in-store and tie them back the roast for the cooler on but if you ask for a roast with the bones intact they will cut it for you. That way you can cut the ribs off with some meat and freeze them for the smoker. I got two whole rib sections that we on the large side and were 19 and 20-1/2# after trimming. Were set for sandwich steaks, ribeyes and roasts for the next year plus some and have the ribs in the freezer, too.
That looks great! Perfectly cooked. Rotisserie is the only way I cook them now, what a difference in taste, etc. How was the new Inkbird therm? I got one too and used it once and it worked very well. Accuracy seemed spot on too.
Wow, that is 5 lbs. of awesomeness! Cooked to perfection. I wish someone else in my family liked med rare beef.
stop by sometime! Ill take a bite out of one as we load up a trailer of steers! :emoji_wink:
Great looking roast! What’s your thought on the Inkbird for this cook?

I think i twas acceptable. Rib roast is hard to temp because of the marble veins. I placed it early and was pretty happy with the internal temp. The ambient seemed pretty close to my chamber probe.
All in all I think the inkbird was what i needed for a rotisserie cook.
For a second go round, maybe consider placing the wireless probe such that the ambient reporting end doesn't go right past the backburner? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.