Advise on a marinade

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Dec 29, 2006
Ok, so this is my situation. I am home at my parents house for the holiday season, and my father has constructed a smoker. It is about 5' high and a couple feet accross, with 5 old refrigeratior racks in it. It has a propane burner on the bottom with a frying pan on top. He uses hickory and apple chips for the smoke.

He put on one batch of mostly fish, and as I have an allergy to fish, I couldn't indulge in the tasty smoked food. However, there was a small amount of moose meat on there, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. So we are gonna put on another batch in the next few days with mostly various meats.

My question to you is what kind of meat should I use and how shouild I prepare it. I was thinking of going to the grocery store and buying some cheap reduced beef or something. I was also considering buying a turkey or a chicken and slicing that thin and smoking it. I also know a guy who has a dehydrator, so I will be making jerky out of some of this stuff.

All replys will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Smoking cornish game hens may be one option they're delicious smoked. Plus since they are small it'd be more easily manageable since you want to cook various meets.  If you like pork roast, that would go well with those woods as well. Have you ever tried President's Prosciutto Panino  ? Can usually be found in the deli/cheese section. That would be a great warmed up toasty gooey treat of smoky goodness and could be done in a snap.
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