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Discussion in 'Pork' started by gadgetman53, Nov 10, 2012.

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    I'm at my in-laws smoking two 5.5 lb pork picnic shoulder roasts for pulled pork tomorrow. I have had them in the smoker for almost 3 hours and they are already at an IT of 150.

    I'm not used to pork cooking so fast. I trimmed the skin off and left most of the fat on.

    I was thinking of going to bed and I turned the temp down to 220 (from 240) as I was worried about temp issues in my MES30 this cold night. Should I foil them when they reach 160 and let them cook the rest of the night at a lower temp in smoker?

    Thanks for the advice. Sorry if this is confusing.


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  2. gadgetman53

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    That's what I ended up doing (double foiled and back in at 225).

    We shall se how it turns out. I've only used Boston butt roasts before.


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  3. Gadgetman53, I foil mine about 165 usually with about 1/2 cup of some liquid ( I used beef broth last time ) , then cook them to around 195. Some cook to 200-205, but it seems to me to make the meat rather mushy, too soft. Save the pan juices to add moisture to the pulled meat if desired or to thicken into some marvelous gravy.

    You can test the meat at 195 and see if it wants to pull well, If not, cook a bit longer, but 195 works for me.

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    Your probably in bed and gone with a plan. Another option would have been to place in a pan covered with plastic wrap then foil and placed in a 200 degree oven. This way they will not burn or go over 200 degrees. If they are foiled they are not getting smoke so no worries on the oven. I do that usually when I need the meat early. I am not one that can go without sleep, so have had to make so adjustments to the process.

    Here is a cook I did last week. I was not able to start till later in the day on Friday and needed it at 6:30 am Saturday.
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  5. gadgetman53

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    Thanks all for the replies. These were the fastest cooking pork shoulders I've ever done. They were ready this morning and I've already pulled them. I was really surprised at how quick they cooked. I still think Boston Butt is a better cut of meat though.

    But I'm my worst critic. We'll see how the in-law like it.


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