ADVICE: Need a new grill - Weber vs. Char-Griller

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by shlongstar, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Cliff,

    Maybe my post came off more negative than I intended.  I did say that I would recommend it though in my defense if he primarily wants a smoker.  You are right, all of the mods i have completed are intended for temperature regulation.  I believe that most people would agree that this is important for consistently good results.  I think this is important for me, as a fellow beginner, and they take time to disassemble if you want to use the "big" grill.  

    I have also cooked in hot/cold weather in the unit.  The amount of fuel varies some with temperature but not a great deal.  My main complaint is the wind.  I think this is just basic science, the size of the firebox acts like a giant heat sink and requires the blazes of hell to maintain 225.  That is why I warned him about needing to use wood.  Like I said to me it is free, but if you had to buy it, you could spend some money. You could counteract this with a insulator of some kind, but then again you are modding, which takes time to disassemble if you want to use the big grill.  I have seen when the wind is blowing perpendicular to inlet damper the airflow switch directions.  We are talking +15 mph wind for this to happen.  You could avoid this with planning and watching the weather.

    I still stand by my recommendation.

    If you want a grill = Weber

    Smoker = CharGriller with SFB

    If your on the fence buy both, because more is always better.
  2. more ice

    more ice Smoke Blower

    C G is crap so if you buy it get 2. you will need it in a few months.
  3. more ice

    more ice Smoke Blower

    Im a owner of both. My CG just holds my wood out of the weather as it rusts away...I like a good rust flavor on my smoking wood lol.
  4. I suggest the Weber.

    For the same reasons that most people here have already stated.  The larger Kettle is a great option.  I started out with the 18.5 for just me and my wife.  It was always enough for us, but I picked up a 22.5 at wal-mart last year when all their outdoor stuff went on sale.  If you scout it out you can get a pretty good deal.  I got the 22.5" Weber silver for 19.99.  I really would love to get that same kind of deal on one of those bigger kettles. 
  5. cliffcarter

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    I was not offended by your post, if that's what you mean.

    As to the problem with wind, all charcoal or stickburners have this problem to one degree or another. I always make sure that the wind is blowing toward the air intake on the firebox. If it is blowing in the opposite direction it enters thru the exhaust stack and cuts down the fire. If this is what you are experiencing then turn your CG so that the firebox intakes are facing the wind direction. I remember one cook where I turned mine twice to counteract the wind.
  6. Weber
    i have mine for ten years.
  7. I've never had a Weber, but I've only heard good things about them. I would get the Weber and just indirect when you want to smoke. You won't be feeding an army with it, but I have never been impressed with the CG. I have a grill and two smokers...when I smoke, I smoke. When I grill, I grill. I often have all three going because of the number of people and entrees I'm pulling together at the same time. Good luck, go with the Weber.
  9. cliffcarter

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    You made no comment.

    Or perhaps you meant to say that the initial post in this thread was made on 11 January 2010 and the OP actually bought his Weber OTG 4 days later? And then you realized that everyone was encouraged to keep going after this tread was resurrected 2 years later(and again this year)?[​IMG]

    And that I am as guilty as anyone else in keeping this one alive?[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. I have a Chat Griller Duo Pro with a fire box and I love it, I can have smoke flavor with a slow cook and still grill up other food with the gas. the start up was spendy but the bragging rites with this huge caddie bbq is wonderful.. I hope this helps..
  11. I had no idea.. I just recived this posting on my phone. I tried to respond and my so called smart phone freaked out and sent nothing.. lol..

    happy Q'ing
  12. nmaust

    nmaust Meat Mopper

    I just replaced my CG Duo with SFB with a model with the same setup from Pits by JJ. It was pretty pricey, but I'll have this thing forever since it's made of 1/4" thick metal. The smoker portion has performed better than i hoped, but I had one issue with the propane side pulling too much air resulting in a dangerous flame. Three days after I emailed their President, Jose, he came to my house in Dallas (he's based in Boston) and fixed it himself. He's a class act, and I would refer anyone looking for a quality pit to him.
  13. Weber all the way!  Worth every penny!
  14. Caution!!!!!! Be careful about getting a Weber kettle. That's what I started with and now I have a 22 1/2 silver, gold, and premier. Q150, and a 22 1/2 WSM. :)
  15. I agree!... the Weber 22.5 kettle is AWESOME!!!  Especially like the rotisserie, hands down my favorite attachment.  I have the 18.5 WSM...  Now wish it was the 22.5 so I could use the Rotisserie on it too.
  16. I've had both.  I prefer the Weber.  Even though I had more room on the Char-Griller.  The temperature was harder to control and it was much more work to clean the char-griller when I was done.  When I use the weber, I just close the vents and the fire shuts off within a half hour.  The next day I just pull out my old charcoal for the chimney and all the ash and small pieces fall though the bottom vent when I open and close it.  The Char-grill I had to lift out the basket and dump it, which made a dust cloud and bush out the chamber.
  17. I think Char- Grill makes a metal kamado style - worth checking out. 
  18. gomez93

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    BIGGER is better :)

    This is a 22.5" lid inside the Ranch Kettle:

    I know, the OP bought his a long time ago but I just couldn't help but brag a little
  19. magslam

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    No brainer: Weber
  20. rdwhahb

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    I have had many charcoal grills. Broke down earlier this year and bought a 22.5 weber otg kettle and cant ever imagine grilling on any thing but my kettle now. For smokes I love my wsm.

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