A start to another smoker

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Aug 9, 2012
sk can
So I have decided to build another smoker . I build a side fire box last year and love it but I want to try a revers flow . I went and got 2 24"x36" pipe am building 2 one for me and one to sell . This is what I got so fare
On feldons pit builder it says for a half moon fb to cc 10.90 " or 46.66 Squre inchs how big is that I don't really under stand the 10.90 half Moon
If Feldon's says use 47 sq in., make it 71.... When using Feldon's. make the FB 100% of actual size in the calcs.... then use the numbers.... then multiply the FB/CC opening x 1.5... that give a better smoker...... use this formula for the size of the FB/CC opening....
http://www.1728.org/circsect.htm .... Use Radius and Segment Height ED to figure the opening......
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tell me about your hinges, I like the look of them and might use something similar on my build, what is the geomotry and the guage of metal you used.

if you dont mind that is :-)
]No I don't mind at all they are 1/2 think u's that are 3 1/2 w x 4" tall they were just laying around in my garage and they worked perfect for hinges and they also work perfect for a door stop too and thanks for the link that helped out alot
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