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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 13, 2014
Oakton, Virginia
I have been making sausage patties (sage sausage shaped then vacuum sealed and frozen).......I have not been able to find a sausage that tastes like a smoked link sausage my Dad used to buy in the 50's-60's in our small town in NC.   The closes I can find to taste are the patties at "Cracker Barrel" ....i was thinking of taking a portion of the sausage patty meat and putting in casing and then smoking it.

My question is:  "what do I need to add to the raw sausage to allow me to use it as a smoked sausage"?....do I need to add Cure #1? or can I smoke as is.?...here is a picture of my last efforts.  Can't remember which way I went....I think I added the cure #1


Thanks for any help

Yes cure #1 is what you need to use at a rate of 1 tsp per 5 lbs of meat. This will allow you to smoke at a low enough temp for the sausage to take on smoke for a long period without growing dangerous bacteria. The ones in your picture look tasty.
i smoke at about 130 deg till it gets the color I like then raise to 160 in a warm water bath......never tried cold smoking
Ah... east.  some good sausages made that way like Stevens fresh breakfast sausage made in smithfield NC... Some good stuff too. they got something in the sausage recipe I cant figure out what it is
That's what is so great about this sight you ask a question and you get answers real fast. Hope your sausage turns out great.

Boykjo, I was wondering if you have ever tried the sack sausage from the little conv. store in Centerville, outside Louisburg? It is made by a company down in Wilson I think, then re-sold by the old fella in that little store because he likes to keep some on hand for himself. I had never heard of sack sausage before, being originally from MD, but I really liked it. You have to catch it when he has a fresh batch though, or you may know of the company in Wilson that makes it. I think they make red hots too.
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