a real brisket this time...

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 5, 2013
Hudson, Co
so...the last time i did a piece of beef, it was some sort of tip, that the wife was steered into by the clown at the store, but this time, i got a full brisket...i have injected with simple beef broth with some garlic powder, strained, and then the tried and true "shcultz" rub...it is sitting now, and will go on in about 45min...it will smoke over mesquite, 200-225, for about 14hrs, or 190 internal...my biggest question for the pro's in this forum, is there a preference to fat side up or down?? 

as always...i am going to post qviews, since i am like that, and i know some of the forum really like them...
thanks for the help with the fat up or down question...
I go up, why because it just seems to make sense.  No other real reason than that although I am sure you will get a ton of reasons here shortly.  My best brisket was fat side up so I keep doing it that way.  I guess the only reasoning I have is fat will baste the meat and some feel fat side down will keep the meat from being dried from the heat rising but yeah whatever, do what works for you.
that was my thoughts also...because it just seems to make sense!! like i said...qviews will follow...and thanks for the input
15.5hrs later, fat up over some mesquite, smoking perfectly, with temps waffling between 205 and 230 and this is how it looks...it is now resting in a cooler, wrapped in foil, then 2 towels and a blanket...i was thinking of letting it rest until dinner, about 10 hrs away...do you guys think that is WAY too long, and should be placed in the fridge? i am always scared of bacteria, and not sure what my next move is, since my math sux and it is already resting...

thanks for your thoughts on the resting period...

keep calm, and smoke on!!
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