a little late to the game burnt ends

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Dec 17, 2019
PembrokePines, FL
Kt was nice to just have a Sunday with the Missus, a jeep ride, and not have to hover over my new MB560 to crank out a nice batch of burnt ends. We have a huge shin-dig at the boat club/marina we are members at. Since I am the de-facto AV engineer in charge of all projectors, big screens and audio. It was the last place i wanted to be. Not to mention all the typical social media type in-fighting and such. I got a bit of late start considering this was only my second smoke on my new gravity fed. Learned a lot and even deepened my appreciation for this tool (though I still abhor #Masterbuilt for other reasons. Just pre-cut (by my meat guy) choice points. The price almost pissed me off as much as the gasoline i bought later.
Those are some picture perfect looking burnt ends! Bet they tasted pretty darn good. It’s been a while since I’ve done them but I’ve only ever used chuck roasts. Buying just the brisket point is hard to come by here.
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